Tatty furniture gets you a tatty reputation

Many accommodation providers aren’t in the business of reinventing themselves every couple of years like other venues but this has started to shift in the last few years.

Accommodation providers have become more aware of the commercial value of attracting a broader audience than just the hotel guests. This represents a fundamental shift in thinking and accommodation providers now understand that they are in fact competing with the local restaurant, bars and function venues for customers.

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It’s no secret that great environments attract new customers and also make regular clientele feel welcome and valued. The good news is you don’t have to undertake an extensive and costly refurbishment to create an appearance of freshness. It’s easier, faster, less disruptive and a lot less expensive to simply refurbish.

The furniture that you choose says a lot about how much you care about your guests. Worn, tattered and stained furniture can be a big turn-off to people as it sends the message you don’t value their comfort. Quality furniture that’s comfortable and modern invites people to stay, it encourages customers to treat the premises with respect and adds to their pleasure as well as their comfort. When you choose new furniture, it’s important to consider quality.

Whether your customers are attending a function, enjoying the restaurant facilities, having a breakfast meeting or simply meeting someone in the lobby, they are using the furniture. They notice even before you, when the furniture’s becoming worn. Frayed upholstery, wobbly tables, and a mismatched collection of seating can affect the experience you give them.

Their perception won’t necessarily be that the chair they’re sitting in is in bad shape. They’ll instead get the idea that their hotel has become a bit shabby, which of course leads to a feeling of discontentment and an attitude that the hotel has let itself go. The secret to making your guests feel relaxed and comfortable is by providing positive and memorable experiences through every point of contact in the hotel, from the service, to the food to the furniture.

You can give your hotel a constant fresh look simply by replacing furniture items before they become too worn out so that you avoid your guests ever getting the feeling that the place is looking a bit tired. Replacing the furniture will recreate the space and leave a positive impression.

Accommodation providers that impress guests and keep them on the premises longer will naturally have a positive effect on revenues, as well as being a way of increasing referrals to friends. There’s no shortage of competition. One look at the venues within the magic ‘5km’ radius will show that you’re not alone in chasing business from the same group of patrons.


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