10 must-haves for green hotels

More and more guests pay attention to the ecological tenability of their holiday and the social responsibilities of the hotels.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS, provider of information for hotel construction and hotel chains, summarised the most important criteria:

  1. Crucial are initial investments in biogas CHP plant and power plant, wood chips fuelled power plants and photovoltaic systems
  2. Attention needs to be paid to the level of energy efficiency, when investing in cooking and climate control technologies
  3. Electric meters are to be installed and analysed for every single electrical device.
  4. Electrical devices not in use need to be switched off (not stand-by)
  5. Energy-saving bulbs need to be installed throughout.
  6. Occasionally used rooms like washrooms need to be equipped with motion detectors, for lights.
  7. Old flushing technology needs to be replaced with modern devices that minimise the use of water thru circular flow.
  8. Reduce hot water temperature by 2-3 degrees Celsius.
  9. Construction heaters need to be replaced by modern infrared heaters (3 degrees cooler)
  10. Investing in energy saving technology will be profitable for the hotel immediately. Corresponding certificates like the “Green Leaders”-programme von, “Green Sign” or “Green Certified” do lead, to more bookings, according to latest research.

5,600 top hotels are currently under construction worldwide. Energy sufficiency of the building and environmental friendly technology for the operating hotel play an important role. Numerous new hotels in Europe also count on electric service stations and chauffeur their guests in electric limousines.

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