Asia’s Ministry of Villas partners with Australian travel booking technology firm

Singapore-headquartered Ministry of Villas, one of Asia’s leading villa specialists and holiday curators, today announced a global partnership with Tourism Holdings, Australia’s leading premier travel booking technology provider.

Partnership entails immediate implementation of expansion strategy across Asia in tourism hotspots including Bali, Thailand and Japan.

Co-Founder and CEO of Ministry of Villas Alastair Loxton stated: “We have been working in unison with Tourism Holdings’ team to support and empower the rapidly growing private accommodation travel booking market and help lead the way in the global macro-trend of travellers shifting from hotels to villas. We are delighted to be joined with Bryan and Tourism Holdings in an official capacity as global partner bringing their product outside of Australia and New Zealand to cater for the rapidly increasing demand of Asia outbound and domestic travel, particularly key markets such as China and India.”

Founder and CEO of Tourism Holdings, Bryan Frawley said: “Our ResOnline platform updates 1,000’s of channels and Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) globally every minute, and was a game-changer for hotels when we built it over 15 years ago. Now it is equally revolutionising how villa owners and property managers can market their properties. Partnering with leading providers for private accommodation holidays such as Ministry of Villas enables us to rapidly expand our business to Asia and beyond in the new world order of the sharing economy, which previously haven’t had access to these sophisticated and intricate tools like the huge global hotel chains have.”

Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke is managing editor at Multimedia Publishing.

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