Australians expect hotel standard Airbnb

A recent survey found that the majority of Australian respondents expect Airbnb accommodations to be professionally cleaned, in order to create a more hotel-like experience for their guests.

A study by professional cleaning company, Uber Clean House surveyed 1500 Australian residents over the age of 18 and was conducted across Australia between May 20 and 25, 2016.

It concluded that Airbnb short-term accommodation hosts risk losing bookings if they receive low ratings on their cleanliness and guests expect a hotel-level of professional cleanliness.

Airbnb already urges hosts to create a more professional cleanliness experience and this study reinforces that strategy.

On Airbnb’s Australian site, the company recommends to its hosts: “If you can’t do the cleaning, you can always add a cleaning fee to your listing price and hire a professional cleaning service.”

It all begs the question, ‘why don’t guests just go to a professionally cleaned hotel’?

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