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From the outside looking in

The importance of a good first impression can never be understated.

People make snap decisions based on their impressions in the first few moments of viewing a property in person or in digital format.  There are always market factors beyond your control; the amount of properties in your area, competing with bigger, shinier franchises with bigger marketing budgets, general economics… You need to put your best face forward to impress, so what can you do when faced with facilities that are long overdue for a refresh?

First, you need to take a thoughtful, focussed approach and look at the areas that are going to give you the highest rate of return. If you have a healthy budget and are ready to undertake a major renovation, consult the professionals as much as possible and set aside times when business is traditionally quiet to carry out the work.   If you don’t have a huge budget, there are small things you can do to lift your property’s appeal.

Curb appeal

The first things people visiting your property see are the first things to leave an impression.  If it’s been years since your driveway/footpaths have seen a pressure clean and the paint is faded and peeling on your fence and entrance way, you need to get your tools out pronto.  Creating a fresh, welcoming facade doesn’t need to cost a fortune, although if it’s been a while between coats, it’s probably going to set you back a bucket load of elbow grease!

A coat of fresh paint goes a long way towards updating an entrance.  If your property is fenced and the fence frames the property, make sure it’s in good repair and clean and tidy.  If you can’t stretch the budget to repaint, get out the soap and water and give it all a good scrub.  Tidy up garden beds, ensuring they’re weed-free, trimmed and mulching the beds generally makes gardens look neat and cared for.

Giving the driveway and any walkways a thorough clean with a high pressure cleaner (which can be hired) will clear out built up dirt and grime.  Again, if the pavers are looking dull and tired and a clean has only lifted them a little, a coat of appropriate paving paint that ties with the colour scheme is a great way to quickly update paths.  If you have lawn, patch up any gaps with some lawn seed and a bit of TLC.  Tidy lawns and gardens, clean paths and driveways and an inviting entrance are going to make a big difference to your curb appeal.


The quickest and easiest way to update the interior of your property is with a fresh coat of paint.  Light, neutral colours will make your rooms feel bigger and brighter. Inspect your fittings and fixtures, replacing hardware such has handles, taps, towel rails, etc., can instantly modernise your rooms.  Simple things, such as going over aged grout and silicone will make bathrooms and wet areas look cleaner and newer and even replacing toilet seats and repairing or replacing cracked tiles will go a long way towards freshening up a bathroom. If your furniture is in good condition, update it with modern soft furnishings for a fresh look.

Sweat the small stuff

One of the most basic and understated steps is to clean and tidy. This may seem obvious but if you look closely at all the nooks and crannies in your establishment, how clean are they really?  Undertake an entire clean of every surface in every part of your property.  This includes light fixtures, on top of any moulding and/or door frames, behind furniture and appliances and the actual furniture and appliances themselves.  If you’ve accumulated clutter, get rid of it.  Make your property sparkle, not only will it look clean and tidy, it will smell clean and fresh. Cleanliness rates very highly amongst the things most important to guests, so make sure it is high on your priorities as well.

Updating a motel property to smarten the overall product one is selling does not have to cost a fortune. Often, small issues are overlooked and being able to stand back and look from the outside in or perhaps getting a friend (or better still anyone else) who will give you an honest assessment is a good way to go.

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