Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The hit on Trump hotels bookings: ‘It’s going to be huuuge’

January’s Resort News asked if Donald Trump’s presidential hopes would jeopardise the future success of his hotel empire.

According to new data from travel site Hipmunk, the success of Trump’s hotel business so far this year has been greatly affected by the most divisive presidential campaign in generations.

Hipmonk measured the percentage of Trump bookings within its markets. For the first quarter, it found reservations tumbled 59.36 percent compared with the previous quarter, and for the second quarter, the group suffered a 57.46 percent decline.

It seems that his outspoken views may have cost Trump. His name once synonymous with the ultimate luxury hotel, apartments and products brand now makes both left and right wings of the political bird cringe. Trump’s derisive calls for a ban on Muslims entering the USA also challenges a hotel brand’s premise to make all guests feel welcome.

The long-term effects of his political campaign remains to be seen, will his army of enthusiastic supporters boost long-term sales for his brand or will the growing number political detractors lead people to avoid his brand?

Methodology of data, according to the travel site: “Hipmunk and Priceonomics analysed total US Trump Hotel property bookings made in the first quarter, second quarter, and the first half of both 2015 and 2016. Q1: January to March. Q2 : April to June. 1H : the first half of the year, January to June.”

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