Eliminate unnecessary friction in your booking engine to watch revenue climb

Remember the days of arranging a taxi cab to take you to the airport? You would call the cab company, talk to a dispatcher, arrange a pick up time, then worriedly wait for them out on the curb, never knowing if the driver was 1 minute away or 20.

Then, came Uber.

Today, people expect companies to make their lives easier, to eliminate unnecessary inconveniences and make transactions as frictionless as possible. This is a major reason why Uber has seen such blazing success. They took all the small steps and aggravations of booking, waiting and paying for a cab, and eliminated them with one spectacularly simple app.

What steps can you streamline, eliminate or consolidate? How can you make it easier for someone to book a room? How can you innovate your own booking process? Start by taking a look at what’s cluttering the process for your customers. Are there too many options to select or too many fields to fill out? Do you really need to force purchasers to choose add-on packages BEFORE booking? Can you accept additional credit cards?

Take a lesson from Uber and reduce any superfluous functions or user requirements in your booking engine.


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Tambourine is a US-based marketing, booking and distribution service that helps hotel and travel marketers sort it all out. It delivers a 360º program that reduces stress and increases revenue.

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