New strategies to help tourist accommodation industry grow even faster

The Queensland and national accommodation industries have now been recognised by the state and federal governments as the leading edge businesses to rebuild long-term stability in the economy and as a commitment, are developing and implementing policies to aid the industry businesses at all levels.

Continuing increases in both domestic and international tourist figures have activated government’s at all levels to recognise the economic flow on that the holiday and tourist industry is providing in centres across the nation, as the increasing visitor and holiday numbers contribute to improving economic performance.

The results of the two recent elections in Queensland, the local government polls in March and the federal election have activated the political agenda to recognise that Australians and international visitors are now the major contributors to the domestic economy in many centres as families, young adventurers and the older generations are keen to visit, holiday and explore all parts of Australia.

It has been important for the accommodation industry to recognise that governments and private enterprise are leveraging off the holiday and tourism growth, by investing in new attractions such as events and festivals to attract new visitors to commit to multiple visits.

The accommodation industry needs to be aware of the new trends in service requirements to meet visitor expectations which include increased shorter stay visits and internal travel, to meet the diversity of the needs of domestic and international visitors.

We in Queensland have been very lucky since the pre-Christmas period and right through the summer and autumn periods, with great weather conditions and positive promotion of events and the wonders of nature such as whale watching, the global promotion of the Great Barrier Reef and festivals and outback events.

The stability that Australia offers the visitor is a vital attraction to global tourists who are now constantly alarmed by the threats in an increasing number of northern hemisphere nations, which continue to make grim headlines.

The Australian experience has great opportunities to build on our friendly and welcoming reputation and the safety offered to visitors, from beach life savers to security conscious accommodation management that ensures a safe and caring contribution for the benefit of all visitors.

Some of the interesting news has come from the Queensland government through its $10 million Attracting Aviation Investment Fund with tourism minister Kate Jones reporting to state parliament that this has delivered 500 000 new inbound seats into the state generating up to $350 million to the annual economy.

Minister Jones reported that EVA Air and AirAsia X boosting their services from Taiwan and Malaysia. EVA Air will be flying in five times each week and AirAsia X will increase its frequency from seven to 11 times a week.

Detailing other travel statistics, minister Jones reported that Queensland welcomed 64,000 visitors from Taiwan (22 percent increase), 47,000 from Malaysia and 442,000 from China (29 percent increase).

In dollar terms during their time in the state, Taiwanese visitors spent more than $197 million in visitor expenditure, Malaysians $95 million and Chinese visitors more than $1 billion.

The visitors’ industry is attracting airport infrastructure upgrades and of course, giving confidence to industry investors for upgrades and the building of new accommodation facilities.

Many industry veterans remember the stimulus generated by the key events of the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the Expo 88 experience and the long-term benefits of events in attracting travel.

We at ARAMA are now embarking on a national campaign to ensure that the management rights industry, which continues to develop new accommodation buildings and centres, has professional and well trained resident managers playing their front-line role for guests whether they be local or international, to benefit from their holiday accommodation experience.

We are heading off to conduct a series of update training sessions in North Queensland as ARAMA continues its comprehensive practical industry education program to ensure that all resident managers remain focused on their responsibilities on behalf of all clients they serve, from investors to guests and suppliers.

In NSW, our members are involved in negotiations with the state government as the review of the Body Corporate and Community Management Legislation goes before the state parliament later this year.

No doubt the outcomes of this legislative process will have an influence on the current review underway in Queensland as the BCCM Act is also under updating review prior to being introduced into the Queensland parliament.

The legislation will ensure that all stakeholders, owners, investors, managers and visitors have modern and practical laws that benefit all parties and that the industry continues to sustain the growth in economic benefit for all sectors.

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7 years ago

There is an ever increasing pressure on short term/holiday letting complexes in major tourism areas from loss of pool units to permanent and owner occupiers. Until the new developments are established, this will have a major impact on how we will be able to accommodate this increased number of travelers from both interstate and overseas. Unless there is a unified change in local planning policy from the state and local governments, the outcome of any tourism growth strategies may not be deliverable.

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