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TED partners with Marriott Hotels for unusual project

Marriott Hotels announced a partnership with TED, which will bring TED Talks, blogs and original quotes to hotel guests worldwide.

“The content is curated by TED, according to selected themes that are topical and relevant to guests, including curiosity, innovation, travel and entrepreneurship. The themes change every quarter,” Marriott noted in a statement this week.

“At Marriott Hotels, everything we do is guided by our belief that travel expands the mind and triggers new and creative ways of thinking. We know that travellers today look for more in a hotel and we are bringing to life new innovations that help elevate guests’ stay to memorable experiences,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president and global brand manager of Marriott Hotels.

“TED content does not only entertain, but educates and engages on topics that are relevant to our guests. Together we are delivering a series of original content, events and experiences that will spark travelers’ creativity and inspire new perspectives.”

“Marriott has created a space that is perfect for our global, creative, and action-oriented community of Fellows,” said TED Fellows deputy director Shoham Arad. “TED Fellows represent 90 countries all over the world, and are working at the forefronts of their domain – Fellows are artists, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors and beyond. Marriott’s hotels are there where we are, and the space they have built is enabling a true exchange of ideas.”

Content that is offered in the form of blogs, curated TED Talks and inspirational quotes through guest room entertainment and when logging into wifi will be made available later this year. Original videos created by TED for Marriott Hotels guests will also be released on the Marriott Hotels social media channels.  Additionally, Marriott Hotels event experts will feature an “Inspirational menu” of TED assets that can be utilised for corporate groups for on-property meetings.

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  1. Pity Marriott are not buying the Financial Review newspapers any more for their Guests!

    Maybe they are looking to be included in the ‘Falling Star Hotels’ category now!

    We will be changing Hotels now!

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