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A property prerequisite for the ages

An accommodation property is multi-faceted and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Don’t lose guests to other establishments simply because they are better facilitated. In the accommodation operation, a gym is not a major expense and it will most certainly pay a dividend, many times over.

People expect a treadmill and from there order of preference is a bike, rower, cross trainer and finally strength equipment. If you have a lot of space, and dollars, single stations are the ultimate. For most facilities, multi-gyms are recommended. Ensure you have a comprehensive service agreement in place that includes cable replacements as, with the heavy use of the accommodation environment these will be a regular requirement.

The cost of outright purchasing of equipment will vary with property size but for a small a three or four-piece gym, suited to the high use it will receive from your guests, budget a capital outlay of at least $10,000. Medium facilities should expect to invest around $25,000 with large facilities towards $40,000.

When it comes to financing the fundamental difference between Purchase, Lease or Serviced Lease is that the Purchase option requires an upfront capital outlay and ongoing assessment. A Lease is a financed version of the purchase option. The Serviced Lease requires no upfront capital and ensures an agreed monthly cost making budgeting simple by including equipment, maintenance, repairs, parts, labour, electrical safety act compliance and equipment upgrades in a flat monthly rate making the serviced lease by far the most popular option amongst building managers and body corporate committees.

Be aware that most gym equipment found in retail sports stores are imported and distributed by other companies and it is them who decide the terms of the warranty.

Don’t expect a warranty to cover items such as rust and fading along with external factors such as water damage from pools, abuse, theft or vandalism. It is important to be realistic. Warranties should cover all components of the equipment, under ordinary use for which the equipment was designed, for a minimum of 3 years including service calls, parts, labour and freight. Be aware of disclaimers that state ‘excludes fair wear’ as this omits many items such as belts, decks, bearings, pedals and straps. This minor detail can end up costing you thousands of dollars. If a supplier is not prepared to give you this warranty, walk away.

Ensure there is a repair or replace guarantee for if the equipment cannot be repaired within a set timeframe (e.g. two weeks) that a replacement or loan machine will be installed. Once again, if the provider is not willing to put this guarantee up against their equipment, consider why you would want to be buying it if they don’t have faith in their product, service or support.

Make sure that you understand the procedure in lodging a warranty claim and request a personal contact name and number for someone who will address any issues you have any resolve problems quickly and easily and obtain written advice that the warranty will be honoured in your facility.

As with other machinery and equipment around the property regular service, maintenance & safety reports are should be completed with intervals no greater than three months. Consider what many properties have done and implement a monthly service routine available from a reputable service provider.

Dress the gym area up and create a pleasant workout environment and add some motivation. Consider additions that encourage people to take advantage of your facility. The smallest of spaces can be turned into fantastic boutique style gyms with simple additions such as mirrors, posters, music docks, LCD screens and air conditioning. It all adds to the positive appeal of your property.

In a time when workouts are part of everyday life for a large percentage of people, a gym inside your property is a prerequisite.

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