Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Is your online presence targeting the ‘holiday booker’?

63 percent of Aussies are spending the equivalent of three weeks a year (or more) planning their accommodation and holiday activities. If you tend to attract penny-saving guests, they are more likely to spend even more time planning!

In the digital age, Australian travellers have never had more choices when it comes to planning their holidays, but a new study commissioned by global deals publisher Travelzoo has revealed that many of us are being overwhelmed with options and are spending an increasing amount of time researching and booking their trips.
82 percent of Australian travellers spend two weeks or more researching the best deals and booking a holiday, and 63 percent take more than three weeks, which is substantially more time than the average duration of a holiday, 14.5 days. Despite this lengthy planning process, one in three people have been stung with hidden fees, booking a travel deal that ended up costing more than the advertised price. 

Looking online for solutions

“Holidays are an important time for Australians to switch off from the pressures of their day-to-day lives, and our aim is to make the planning stage almost as relaxing!” said Jacqui Timmins, Travelzoo’s general manager in Australia.
“We’ve found that a high number of respondents are spending too much time on the planning stages of their trip, something we’re helping to overcome with curated and exclusive deals for our members. We work with more than 2,000 clients around the world, filter the huge number of travel options available and only publish those that offer the best value.”
More than 85 percent of millennials under 24 are turning to the internet to plan their upcoming trips, and nine out of 10 recognise that tools available, including apps and comparison websites, can make the planning process more efficient. Overall, more than 60 percent of those who responded across all age groups think that online tools are beneficial when planning travel.
“This adoption of online tools could be a developing trend set by the digital generation,” Ms Timmins continued, “but our aim is to make simple and affordable deals available to everyone.”

Who is making the plans?

While the majority of Australian travellers are spending more than three weeks planning their getaways, this organisational attribute is more commonly a female trait.
On average, women spend longer than men planning, with 67 percent of women taking more than three weeks to plan, compared to 56 percent of men. Travelzoo also found a correlation between the time spent planning and the income of the respondent, with 7 percent of those who earn over $100k spending less than a week planning.
This suggests the saving-savvy are more likely to spend time making sure they get the best for their money.

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