Thursday, November 15, 2018

Accom Properties breaks traffic records yet again

February saw a dramatic increase in leads for listing agents on Accom Properties and the average visitor session duration rose to a lengthy 5 minutes and 19 seconds.

With less than 12 months’ operation under its belt, this commercial accommodation listings portal has consistently achieved record traffic and just reached yet another milestone. Accom Properties’ quick progress has certainly turned its competitors’ heads.

Contributing to Accom Properties’ significant and sustained growth trajectory, is a solid foundation of paid media search engine marketing and identified trending hot spots for buyer demand. This, combined with February’s 38.1 percent increase in organic traffic has our competitors pulling out all stops to challenge the fastest growing portal in the market.

Accom Properties has achieved major growth in ‘organic search’ and is now appearing on the first page for major search keywords, complementing the constant paid media we are running through Google Search Engine Marketing.  

Even in the shortest month, February 2018, the site delivered more than 4349 qualified commercial accommodation buyers to its listings. Collectively, they viewed more than 28,593 listings with an average session duration of 5 minutes and 19 seconds.  

Lead events, such as phone reveals, property PDF downloads and email events, have also increased dramatically to 2697. This indicates that Accom Properties is delivering in-demand buyers with a lead conversion rate of 9.4 percent. With these lead events as a percentage of listing views, Accom Properties its positioned well-above industry average.

Our continued focus on complimenting location-based content and guides for buyers, has refined the buying process for prospects and this is reflected in the lead conversion rate growth and month-on-month increases in engagement with listings.

We now have all major agents on board and continue to provide a consistently enviable service to industry.

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