Tuesday, February 19, 2019

August figures just released, a record 4,390 buyers visit Accom Properties

Multimedia Publishing (Resort Publishing) continues to support the market with yet another record traffic month for the Accom Properties portal.

In its 18 months in the market, Accom Properties, the trusted industry commercial accommodation listings portal, has again achieved record website traffic and yet another milestone.

August 2018 delivered more than 4,390 qualified accommodation buyers viewing over 36,951 listings with an average session duration of 5 minutes and 10 seconds (Google Analytics). Records show that each user is viewing and engaging with more than six listings per visit, again proving the value of targeting these hard-to-reach industry audiences.

Lead events (phone reveals, property PDF downloads and email events) have also increased dramatically to 2,892, proving Accom Properties is delivering ‘in-demand’ buyers through a lead conversion rate of 7.83 percent (lead events as a percentage of listing views – well above industry average).

Accom Properties continues to provide a trusted alternative to current market players in the industry demonstrating sustained growth in a slightly contracting market segment. Our organic search results are now continuously on page one of results and represent the highest traffic and engagement channel versus paid advertising, with more growth imminent.

Our commitment continues through the solid foundation of paid media (search engine marketing) and a growth strategy that focuses on high demand spots for buyers such as North Queensland and Tasmania. We have also diversified our advertising products to include market leading display targeting to clusters of qualified buyers by region, price point and origin, effectively providing partners with an additional channel to promote their exclusive listings.

Accom Properties will continue to focus on providing location-based content and guides for buyers to refine the buying process for all prospects.

With fully transparent reporting channels to commercial partners, it’s no wonder Accom Properties is the most trusted destination for buying or selling management rights, motels, hotels and caravan parks.

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