Thursday, September 20, 2018

Holiday park owner mimics Nazi guard after concentration camp jibe

A holiday park owner has been branded “stupid and offensive” after replying to a critical TripAdvisor review in the character of a Nazi guard.

John Brookshaw, the owner of Plassey Holiday Village in North Wales, posted his response to the review after a guest likened the park to a concentration camp.

The reviewer, named as but2n2018, complained about a lack of privacy during his family’s stay and said he felt he was “constantly being watched by a warden looking into my caravan”.

He described the owner and staff at the Wrexham park as “rude”, accusing one park warden of shouting at his daughter and making her cry.

“The owner is the rudest man I have ever encountered,” said the reviewer. “If you are looking for a good fun holiday, don’t go here.”

Mr Brookshaw responded to the one-star review in German, under the guise of an SS commander.

Translated into English via Google, it said: “I am disappointed that I did not meet you myself, but I assure you that you would not have been shot, as I am a very nice commander, better than the Gestapo commander of North Wales, who can be quite strict!”

It went on: “I am very sad that you do not enjoy my concentration camp, but assure it is one of the best in North Wales.

“My camp commandants did not want to make you cry much, but it’s inevitable with the hard work, you’re locked up for hours, and the constant patrol of machine guns armed guards with bad dogs.”

And Mr Brookshaw signed off as “SS Camp Commandant of the Plassey.”

Despite the review and response being quickly deleted from the TripAdvisor website, the comments received strong criticism from representatives of the Jewish community.

Professor Nathan Abrams of the British Jewish Contemporary Cultures Network at Bangor University told the Daily Post: “It is offensive and demeaning from a Jewish perspective and is insulting to the victims and the seriousness of the events that took place.

“It is a silly comment by the poster and it is a silly reply which is trying to be funny – although the original post is by far no means as bad. For him to reply like this is just stupid and offensive.”

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