Womb service: The accom helping guests sleep like a baby

Boutique accommodation designed to mimic the experience of being in the womb will help cradle its guests from the bustle of London’s Shoreditch to create the perfect night’s sleep.

The Zed Rooms are serviced apartments designed by experts to encourage REM-rich slumber in an atmosphere of “safety and snugness” reminiscent of the womb.

Each has two rooms – the Woom Room and the Loom Room. The former is modelled on a womb, with a cocoon-like bed featuring undulating wraparound wooden panels to create an encompassing 3D nest.

The latter features with a four-poster bed draped in “ethereal” fabrics designed to promote dreams. Soft peach-coloured walls, muted lighting, blackout blinds and sound-absorbing curtains featuring throughout the apartments.

Both rooms come with Simba Hybrid mattresses, temperature regulating pillows and duvets and amenities from Neom Organics London’s Scent to Sleep range, which features a blend of 19 essential oils including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to create the trademark tranquillity fragrance.

Air-cleansing plants eliminate any in-room toxins and ‘high-end electronics’ apparently help to keep body clocks in harmony.

The aim is to transcend the ‘first-night effect’, when half of the brain stays alert in unfamiliar surroundings, resulting in a poor night’s rest.

The Zed Rooms are a collaboration between Simba and boutique apartment developers Cuckooz.

Hotel design contributor and Simba sleep psychologist Hope Bastine said: “Sleep is an all-encompassing experience and every element matters.

“The Zed Rooms are an elaborate infrastructure of symbiotic components, geared entirely to honing quality sleep, fine tuning you overnight to navigate whatever life throws at you the following day.”

The rooms were inspired by the final few weeks of pregnancy, say designers, when a baby increases its REM (rapid eye movement) sleep to an average of 12 hours a day.

Prices start at £190 ($327) per night.

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5 years ago

I so want this! can they build on in Australia, I have no time to head to London for that much needed nights sleep!

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