Party houses ruining short stay’s name, says accom body

Gold Coast residents have united with short-term property hosts in calling for a notorious Airbnb party house to be shut down.

The six bedroom, multi-million-dollar Queensland home, boasting its own man-made beach, jacuzzi and private bar, rents for $4,000 a night on Airbnb.

But according to 9News, neighbours say their weekends are “being ruined by drunken party-goers stripping naked, playing loud music, peeing on their lawns and parking their cars all over the street”.

ASTRA – the Australian Short Term Rental Accommodation Association – says such properties are giving the entire sector an undeserved bad name.

“Responsible short-term property renters want these shut down as well,” said spokesperson Peta Morrison.

“Irresponsible hosts, owners and agents are causing massive issues for the short-term rental industry in Australia and the press is only too happy to keep sharing the bad stories.”

Gold Coast City Council told 9News an investigation was underway into the offending property following numerous complaints which have driven some to film the parties in an attempt to get them curtailed.

“We work all week, we need the rest during the weekend and that’s what we face,” one local told 9News.

Another, Peter Write, claims to have spent thousands soundproofing his home across the canal.

“We pay enormous rates and taxes here to have peace and quiet… we pay for that, and council is not looking after us,” he told the media outlet.

Owner of the party house, Jamie McIntyre, says it’s the residents who behave like obnoxious neighbours and attempt to sabotage his business by throwing garbage bins in the pool, pouring engine oil into the spa and mowing along the fence line early in the morning.

He reportedly suggests residents should go away for the weekend if they object to his tenants.

The issue of unregulated short stays has long been a contentious one, with accom’s major industry bodies, including the Accommodation Association of Australia and Tourism Accommodation Australia, arguing short stay hosts should be subject to the kind of legislation traditional providers are bound by.

Peta Morrison described the Gold Coast furore as “such a shame”, pointing out that “over 98 percent of short-term rentals occur without an issue”.

“No doubt the odds of issues is higher with residential leased properties,” she added.

While NSW and Victoria have introduced state-wide rules of varying stringency to govern short-term accommodation regulation, Queensland has dragged its feet over such controls.

Gold Coast City Council does, though, have the power to issue significant fines for a failure to control antisocial guest behaviour.

Member for Mermaid Beach, Ray Stevens, told 9News: “They have the power now to step in and unfortunately to this point in time they have been reluctant.”

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Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre
4 years ago

As the owner of this property the mis reporting is astounding

The house has a very strict no party policy

Rarely there is a party

And everything is done to stop them

The industry needs to

Make airbnb allow hosts to charge their own security
deposits which unruly guests lose if they party as airbnb deposit is useless and airbnb never supports hosts

2. The regulation has to protect hosts from
Vindictive neighbour make false complaints to target a Neigbour they don’t like for other reasons

I’ve had 10 years experience globally with luxury homes around the world

I know what’s required to have better regulation to support the industry

But relying on fake allegations made by a vindictive neighbour doesn’t help the industry
These neigbours have the managers and owned mobile number and not once have bothered to sms re a noise complaint . They also live opposite to the Councils new open air amphitheater at Hota which has loud concerts most weekends yet don’t seem to complain. It’s selective hearing

I live in the residence and even stay in the guest house now to listen to the so called noise and hardly Eve is there a loud party and if there is it will be shut down as soon as managers are informed

We are even hiring security to close the late sliding doors at 10 pm
On weekends to reduce any likelihood of noise

It’s a police issue noise at night
Not a council issue
By all means fine unruly guests

No one wants them

Owners don’t and neighbors don’t

However allowing neigbours to serve vendettas by making false allegations and the Council being played for fools by them isn’t solving the problems

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