Five creative ways to promote your accom

In the crowded market of vacation rentals, you want your property to stand out. The question is how?

Well, creativity can never fail to attract guests and promoting it the right way can get you more booking
Thanks to your hard work and keen eye for detail, you know that your vacation rental is among the pick of the crop. But how best to communicate this to potential guests? Read on for some tips shared by guest writer Cloe Matheson on how you can achieve this.

1 Provide free equipment for outdoor activities

As well as relaxing, people love to get out and get active in the local area while on vacation. An investment in some sports equipment for your guests can be a perfect point of difference in your promotion. Free use of equipment such as bicycles, kayaks, or tennis racquets are all great perks for guests who book your property.

Carving out a solid reputation for your vacation rental requires a little bit of thoughtful, savvy marketing. You want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to see the hard work you do to create an inviting environment where they can enjoy their time off. Introducing some creative marketing will be sure to increase bookings and create a buzz around your property.

2 Install modern fixtures, furniture and décor

Up the ante with stylish décor and bathroom fixtures. Investing in quality interior decorating throughout the whole rental property will help it to stand out from the crowd. List photos of a chic, sparkling bathroom, and tidy living areas with stylish furniture that pop off the web page.

Featuring these attractive spaces will make your guests take notice of what you have on offer.

If you have an outdoor space, be sure to showcase the stylish outdoor furniture, guests are sure to enjoy. If the property has a great view of the outdoors, be sure to include a sneaky shot or two of the scenery too!


3 Feature guest reviews alongside photos

By installing classy furniture and bathroom fittings, guests are likely to comment on their quality in their reviews. This lets you feature positive testimonials alongside pictures of your property.

Doing so invites potential guests to imagine having similar positive experiences. It lets them see for themselves that other guests have appreciated the effort you make to keep your rental looking sharp.

4 Give local travel and money-saving tips

Offering local knowledge in your rental marketing is a great way to attract guests. Got a favourite café for brunch nearby? Let your guests know how to get there and what the best dishes are. Know of a great Happy Hour or two-for-one dinner? Include these tips in your rental description.

Advice on local attractions, nature walks, and activities are also great ideas to advertise alongside your rental. Prospective guests will appreciate these local insights and help them have a great experience at your property.

5 Offer discounts, giveaways, or free transfers

Everyone loves a bargain. Offering discounts can be an effective way to increase bookings. You could offer special rates for multiple nights, booking at certain times of the year, or for people who have been referred by former guests. These are all ways you can make your rental more attractive.

Another idea would be to offer a giveaway, such as the chance to win a bottle of wine or a voucher for local activities.

Guests could be entered into the competition automatically by booking the rental for certain dates or for a certain number of nights. This is a fun way to incentivise guests to book with you.

You could approach a local restaurant or bar and see if they would be willing to offer specials to your guests. This benefits both businesses as well as your guests – everyone wins!

Finally, you could offer free transfers for guests arriving by plane, train, or bus. Offering to transfer your guests from their transport to the rental shows you are willing to go above and beyond to make their stay special.

Follow these simple tips and watch the bookings flow in!

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