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Download the COVIDSafe app & be back in business within weeks, urges Gov

Businesses forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic have been given the government green light to begin to prepare to reopen, in some states imminently as the Australian infectionn rate continues to plummet.

With states and territories beginning to ease lockdown restrictions, there is promise of a semblance of normality returning. The slow reopening of the Australian economy was confirmed last week on Sky News Live by, Michaelia Cash, Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business who has been working across industries to prepare them for getting back to business in a post COVID-19 world.

She said: “What we want to ensure is that as we restart Australia, you have your exit strategy in place, so you understand the particular needs of your industry, what the actual health requirements are for when you reopen and you have a set of best practice principles in place.”

As soon as the Government gives the go-ahead for businesses to re-open, only those with ‘COVID-safe workplaces,’ will be allowed to welcome customers. If the proper health and safety protocols are in place pubs, shops, restaurants, and gyms and so on… could be open in a matter of weeks in some states.

COVID-safe best practice guidelines must ensure that people can work together in a safe way and not transmit coronavirus. The measures will include safe distancing, disinfection of equipment in between use and non-handling of cash.

“So depending on your industry, you’ll need to look at what are your specific circumstances and then you’ll need to ensure that you put in place those best practice guidelines and they will differ depending on the industry. But in terms of the social distancing and the space required between people in workplaces, within reason, that will be the same across Australia” stated Minister Cash.

According to minister Cash, the use of COVIDSafe app will also be a very important way to ensure that “we’re that step closer to restarting Australia” and businesses who promote the App are the ones who want to get back to business sooner rather than later.

The download of COVIDSafe app is backed by industry body Tourism Accommodation Australia: “TAA is committed to assisting members navigate their way through this crisis and return to normal operations in the most efficient way possible, we submit the COVIDSafe App is the first step in this process and recommend all members and their employees get on board.”

“Tourism Accommodation Australia encourages industry colleagues to download COVIDSafe app. This will not only support the effort of returning to business as usual but will also help ensure all Australians are protected and any new cases of COVID-19 are responded to effectively.”

Although the Prime Minister has made it clear that the App is voluntary, Cash said: “If you want to go back to your pub, if you want to go and get that massage; if you want to go and undertake your Pilates lesson; if you want to sit down in a restaurant with your family — I would really encourage you, if you haven’t already, to download COVIDSafe.”

Since its release the App has been downloaded by over 3 million Australians, but the government is keen to see that number drastically increase because getting back to normality and stopping the spread of the virus will be ALL about the COVIDSafe app.

What are your thoughts on the COVIDSafe app and what are you doing to make your workplaces and businesses COVID-safe?

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