Drink and dine – don’t whine!

Hospitality staff abuse simply unacceptable

Hospitality venues in Western Australia have reported a marked increase in the number of patrons, primarily those refusing to wear masks or being asked to show proof of vaccination, abusing staff for doing their job.

The ever-growing issue has prompted Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO, Bradley Woods to remind patrons to respect WA’s hospitality staff and remember that hospitality venues are places to relax and socialise, not sermonise.

Mr Woods said the COVID-19 restrictions in place are measures mandated by Government and staff working in hospitality venues should not be abused or preached at by a small minority who oppose the current requirements.

“Venue owners, operators and managers have a legal obligation to comply with health directions, whether it be mask mandates or proof of vaccination requirements – they do not pick and choose which rules they want to abide by,” he said.

“The vast majority of Western Australians value hospitality staff and have provided much-needed support to WA’s bars, pubs, taverns and restaurants over the past two years.

“WA’s hospitality staff go to work to provide hospitality and shouldn’t be subjected to abuse from people who have an axe to grind with the Government over COVID-19 restrictions.

“Hospitality staff are simply doing their jobs and it is completely unacceptable.

“If anyone has strong feelings about measures put in place by Government, write to your local member of parliament, rather than ranting to the person serving you a beer.”


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