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Equity, diversity, respect front and centre for Accommodation Association

All-in approach and an ever-vigilant lens required

Embracing the principles of equity, diversity and respect,  the Accommodation Association is calling all members to step forward to do the same.

As part of creating a workplace culture anchored in inclusive practices and behaviours, the Association Council has endorsed a number of position statements over the past six months including a commitment to greater inclusion of women at Council level and a Panel Pledge.  

The Association and Council believe the panel pledge is required so that women’s representation in forums it organises and supports is normalised; women leaders in the accommodation sector are more visible as role models; forum conversations are inclusive for both women and men; and collective insights and perspectives are drawn from both women and men across the accommodation sector.

Accommodation Association President, Leanne Harwood said the organisation is starting with a focus on gender diversity to ensure that the face of our sector is more representative of those working in it and the wider community.

“We need to support greater diversity across the board and embrace the tangible steps that mean diversity is truly embraced and reflected including gender diversity, accessibility, ethnic and cultural diversity and multi-generational diversity,” she said.
“The Accommodation Association Panel Pledge captures our determination to have more representative conversations and conferences.

“Diversity and inclusion requires an all-in approach and an ever-vigilant lens to make sure that we are all actively promoting and supporting those who haven’t traditionally had the privilege of the spotlight.

“It might be uncomfortable at times to challenge the status quo but we are proud to issue the challenge of inclusion and diversity as a starting point.”
“The ask is simple. Stop, think and act to do everything you can do as an individual to make a difference and ensure true equity, diversity and respect in the workplace.”

The Accommodation Association Panel Pledge
Starting with gender diversity as part of the pledge, it goes without saying that the expectation is that full inclusion and diversity must be the norm. The Accommodation Association of Australia pledges to increase the visibility and contribution of women in public and professional forums as part of our support for advancing gender equity in the accommodation sector.
This means a commitment to:

  • only organising or supporting public and professional forums that include gender diverse speakers and panel members
  • being an active advocate for gender balance and diversity at the forums it organises and supports
  • supporting and encouraging the voices of women at the forums it organises and supports
  • questioning the composition of panellists and speakers, and reserving the right to withdraw from events if gender balance and diversity is not achieved
  • encouraging members in the accommodation sector to participate in the Panel Pledge
  • Council Leadership in endorsing the Respect@Work report recommendations 

The Association Council also endorses the principles of the Safety Respect Equity Alliance and the ‘Safety.Respect.Equity’ campaign including the call for all 55 recommendations of the Respect@Work report from Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins to be implemented.

This includes supporting the introduction of a positive duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment.

The Respect@Work report recommended that the Sex Discrimination Act be amended to require all employers “to take reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate sex discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation, as far as possible.”

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Gilbert Moase
Gilbert Moase
2 years ago

DEI is a retrograde step in the process of achieving excellence in any enterprise. How do you weight merit against characteristics of gender, race, sexual preference and disability? It clearly is a fools errand as I wish for equality of opportunity as opposed to equality of outcome: you want the best brain surgeon, not a quota driven brain surgeon who is assessed on their skin colour or other utterly irrelevant and superficial characteristics.

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