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HNZ launches RSA Standards course

Calls for responsible alcohol service training to become nationally recognised

Hospitality New Zealand (HNZ) has taken the front foot,  launching a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course to ensure all staff working where alcohol is served are trained in responsible service to support harm minimisation.

HNZ Chief Executive, Julie White said everyone in the hospitality industry plays a part in the duty of care, and host responsibility is integral to manaakitanga – respect and care for guests and customers.

“Host responsibility aims to minimise alcohol harm and help create safer drinking environments for communities and safer environments for staff by training and empowering staff in responsible sale and supply,” she said.

“The Responsible Service of Alcohol Standards (RSA) is an industry-led initiative in which everyone in licensed premises has a part to play. By providing standardised training we are supporting businesses to raise the bar as we work together on building a skilled workforce.

“Developing skills and acknowledging the value of minimising harm will contribute to a capable and engaged workforce that is invested in community wellbeing.

“HNZ believes to achieve standardisation, the Responsible Service of Alcohol Standards course should be a recognised national minimum standard.

The course covers the duty of care and harm minimisation required under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, and includes the law around alcohol, host responsibilities, and the tools for carrying out those responsibilities and is available online as a series of video lessons on Hospitality NZ’s e-learning platform Typsy to support accessibility.

Once completed, participants receive a certificate that will be recognised throughout New Zealand’s hospitality sector.

It can be stored along with other training achievements on participants’ individual digital ‘Knowledge Passport’ which follows them as they progress through their career.

“Minimising harm and providing safer environments for the sale and supply of alcohol is a priority for the industry, and as the industry peak body. Hospitality New Zealand is taking the lead with this essential training for all staff working in licensed premises,” Ms White said.

“Having the course online ensures standardised training is delivered consistently when and where it is needed, with the additional advantage of digital record keeping for operator compliance and provision of digital certificates for employees.”

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