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How to make the best of your balcony

Take a leaf from Juliet’s book and make the most of your balcony space

There is just something about a balcony that immediately makes guests feel like they have arrived on holiday. Whether it is a stunning view or just the chance to soak up some sunshine and fresh air, there is something about a guest room balcony that inherently feels indulgent.

For some guests, the balcony is set to become the heart of the party, they want to enjoy it from breakfast to happy hour. For others it’s a space to relax, read a book, or just enjoy the sunshine and views. To ensure an enjoyable experience for all guests, it is important that you make the most of your balcony space.

Ensuring there is ample seating on the balcony is imperative, you do not want guests dragging dining chairs from indoors. If space permits, a table is also a wonderful addition to allow guests to enjoy a cheese platter or rest their drinks.

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Once the furniture needs of the space have been determined, the next step is to think about the aesthetic. Depending on the accommodation, you may want to go for a classic beachside look, clean classic neutrals, or bold colours to catch the eye.

Image provided by Kudos Premium Outdoor Furniture

Regardless of your design choices, ensuring that the furniture is high quality and durable enough for outdoor use is essential. Final touches are again determined by the location, but citronella candles can keep the mozzies away or a sprinkle of fairy lights can up the ambiance.

How to tell if your balcony needs a transformation

  • Is the structure and build showing signs of unsightly wear and tear?
  • Is your furniture, old and worn, or uncomfortable, impractical, out of style or just plain ugly?
  • Is the overall look and design, just shabby not chic?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then read on.

Time to transform

First priorities are to ensure your balconies are regularly inspected, well maintained, cleaned, painted, and repaired, all vital because of Australia’s particularly harsh climate. Beware: there are stringent rules about balcony safety and you must always abide by your state’s laws and regulations

Once you’re happy that your balcony is safe, fresh and clean you can begin to introduce furniture and consider style and décor.

Image provided by Daydream Leisure Furniture

What to consider?

  • Overloading is a hard no! Heavy statues, water features and ornaments can cause structural problems in the long run.
  • Beware of plants. You may think plants are a perfect addition to a balcony, after all ‘green’ is on trend but they require upkeep, also plants and pots store and leak water, which leads to rust and mould, and therefore problems.
  • Use the correct materials for the environment. If your balconies are near the ocean, make sure saltwater corrosion won’t play havoc with any unsealed materials used in fixtures and furnishings.
  • Consider glass. It is clean and modern, can impress guests and provide uninterrupted views of beaches and outstanding locations.
  • Be stylish. There are no hard and fast rules about cosmetics but keep it simple. Modern lines, and neutral tones with fresh pops of colour never goes out of style.

On balcony furniture Accom News sought advice from some industry outdoor furniture suppliers.

Dean Gesterkamp, Director, Kudos Premium Outdoor Furniture, told us that in 2022 designers want more colour choice. And he revealed he’s seen a trend towards recyclable materials.

“When it comes to choosing furnishings for a balcony it is down to personal choice and preference,” he said.

“An accommodation operator should choose colours and styles that complement the overall look of their property, and they should avoid clashing colours. Always consider what guests want, furniture should be comfortable and easy on the eye.”

He added: “It’s most important to select durable materials and products that offer longevity and to insist on a good warranty.”

Finally, we asked, what is Mr Gesterkamp’s tip for choosing balcony furniture?

He said: “Don’t be boring, add colour!”.

Jason Condon, owner of Daydream Leisure Furniture believes that appealing balconies make guests happy and more likely to spend long periods relaxing in a comfortable chair at a nice table, eating, drinking, and enjoying the view.

He told us: “If you were to ask potential guests where in the property, they intend to spend most of their time, I would suggest the answer would be the balcony and pool area.

“Given this, the quality of furnishings offered in those areas should be of prime importance.”

He advised when choosing furniture, to remember you are buying for a commercial environment.

He said: “Everything should withstand sustained abuse from guests, weather, and various unguents. Visual appeal is important, but practicality is paramount.”

Jason recommended to use quality polypropylene as it’s “the most practical low maintenance, value-for-money material”, which “offers the most durability and comfort”.

“Next best would be aluminium,” he said “followed by timber and wicker because timber generally requires ongoing maintenance and wicker has a limited life in full UV. While both generally involve cushioning, which also has its draw backs.

“Most people think rain is the biggest threat, whereas UV is actually a more destructive force and dictates the use of high-quality materials for furniture longevity.

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