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Keeping air cool and clean is a breeze

A good air-conditioning system is crucial to the success of any property

On July 17, 1902, Carrier’s machine was designed to control heat and humidity. While the principles of air-conditioning have remained largely unchanged since then there have been enormous developments to the process in recent years, in response to global warming and the COVID pandemic.

One major advancement now blowing into Australia is “bipolar ion” technology, which continuously disinfects outside air as it flows into rooms. Bipolar ions attach themselves to airborne viruses, odours and pollutants, rendering them inactive.

As household income grows in developing countries, demand for air conditioners is expected to triple by 2050. The surge will multiply what is already a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, with air conditioning now responsible for almost 20 percent of electricity use in buildings around the world.

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All 197 United Nations member countries are phasing out the production and import of ozone depleting substances, including the once common R22.

In 1996 Australia started its phase-out of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), through import controls, R22 equipment is gradually reaching the end of its useful life and is being replaced with new equipment using different refrigerants.

Air conditioning has never been more important to Australian accommodation properties, especially in tropical climates.

Queensland management rights and accommodation management veteran Barry Turner, says any local accommodation provider without a good air-conditioning system will quickly be frozen out of business.

“When people go on holidays, they usually want a level of comfort equal to or better than at home,” Mr Turner said.

“A good air-conditioning system is crucial to the success of any property.”

Lynda Kypriadakis, the Managing Director of building advisory company Diverse FMX, says people being able to turn on their air conditioning from their mobile phone, half an hour before they come home has been the major trend in air conditioning systems in recent years and it has been readily adopted in the accommodation sector.

Rising maintenance costs and unplanned downtime are both warning signs that equipment is reaching the end of its useful life.

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