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Hospitality beds: The value of investing in guest comfort

Ensuring a comfortable sleep at your accommodation provides an opportunity to attract and retain loyal customers

A 2021 study by researchers at Harvard Medical School found that guest sleep satisfaction is a strong predictor of overall guest satisfaction, therefore, ensuring a comfortable sleep at your accommodation provides an opportunity to attract and retain loyal customers.

A.H. Beard CEO Tony Pearson said that sleep tourism is slated to be one of the top trends to sweep the travel and accommodation industry.

Image Courtesy of AH Beard

“It makes sense, a good sleep is imperative to a restorative holiday, a necessary recharge for the adventurous, and also an indulgent luxury as we take a break from our day-to-day stresses,” he said.

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“Since COVID-19, we’ve seen greater consideration towards our health in both the immediate and holistic sense. There is a stronger importance placed on how we can maximise our health without sacrificing comfort. Sleep is the perfect junction, giving us rest and rejuvenation while we sink into fresh, smooth bed sheets atop a cloud-like mattress.

“Those who seek to provide a ‘premium sleep’ experience tend to offer luxury personalisations, tailoring pillow choices and mattress firmness.”

To help readers tap into the sleep tourism trend, we have looked at four key areas to consider when looking to purchase new beds for your accommodation.

Image Courtesy of AH Beard

Hospitality mattresses

There’s nothing quite like climbing into a comfortable bed after a long day of travel. And while a crisply made bed can make all the difference, it is truly the mattress that can make or break a restful night’s sleep.

Major hotel chains invest a significant amount of time and money to develop their own custom mattresses, with some even selling these mattresses direct to guests.

But what are some of the features that keep these guests wanting to bring their hotel sleep to their own homes?

Cooling-gel memory foam is a key feature on the beds in many luxury hotels, helping guests regulate their temperature and stay cool overnight.

Additionally, mattress toppers make an appearance on the beds of many major hotels. Perfect for providing an additional layer of softness, mattress toppers can also help extend the life of your mattress.

Bed technology

Technology across the hospitality industry is changing all the time, and beds are not immune.

Mr Pearson said the hospitality sector is embracing personalisation when it comes to sleep and bed technology.

“More broadly, hospitality is enhancing what it means to achieve ‘premium sleep’ with comforts and considerations such as better in-room climate and light control, sleeping masks and essential oil diffusers.

“An increasing number of hotels are using mattresses that offer firmness adjustments on each side of the bed, hypoallergenic and temperature-controlled mattresses, as well as adjustable bed bases.

“This allows all guests to maximise their comfort and experience ‘premium sleep’ during their stay, improving their overall experience.

“But, when it comes down to the mattress, it must be comfortable. However because comfort is highly personal to the individual, always bear in mind our six essentials of ‘premium sleep’.”

They are:

  1. Don’t be disturbed: If your partner’s tossing, turning or twitching interrupts your sleep, a body-conforming comfort and support system is essential.
  1. Temperature regulating: If you are a hot sleeper, temperature-regulating fabrics, fibres, and components are essential for a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest.
  2. Adaptive support: If good posture is a priority, an adaptive support system is essential for maintaining healthy spinal alignment.
  3. Pressure relieving comfort: If aches, pains, or pins and needles keep you awake, high-quality comfort components are essential for relieving your pressure points.
  4. Breathe easy: If you are affected by allergies or respiratory issues, it’s essential every component in your mattress provides long-term protection from bacteria, mould, dust mites, and allergens.
  5. It feels right for you: If you have trouble getting to sleep, a key essential is that it feels right, with soft-to-touch fabrics and comfort components that create a luxurious first impression.

AI technology is also becoming a feature when it comes to a good night’s sleep

‘Smart beds’ can learn what each sleeper needs to optimise their restorative sleep through real-time control of temperature, pressure points, and room environment.

While the technology is still relatively new, data indicates that consumers are embracing this new smart technology.

Image Courtesy of AH Beard

Adjustable bases

An adjustable bed base lets you find your ideal position for sleeping or relaxing, some even come with massage features!

Mr Pearson said adjustable bases were rising in popularity across the accommodation industry for their ability to create a truly premium sleep experience for guests.

“Not only do adjustable bed bases offer a superior level of comfort through their pressure relief,” he said.

“But they also offer lifestyle and health benefits like increased circulation and improved breathing that cannot easily be achieved on a normal base.”

Additionally, providing an adjustable bed base with an uplift is an important feature for many people with accessibility needs. If you are looking to improve the accessibility of your accommodation, your bed base could be an important area to consider.  


Sustainability is a major consideration for modern-day guests looking to book accommodation, and there is no doubt that accommodation providers will need to continue to embrace an ethos of sustainability.

Mattress waste is a rising problem with 1.8 million mattresses discarded in Australia each year, creating 22,000 tonnes of landfill.

To counter this, manufacturers are beginning to work with more natural materials to reduce their environmental impact.

However, when it comes to hospitality beds, one of the most important factors in ensuring you are reducing your environmental impact is by investing in quality.

“When it comes to investing in new mattresses, looking for quality is important,” Mr Pearson said.

“Not only will quality bedding improve the guest experience and allow guests to achieve restful and rejuvenating premium sleep that unlocks the best version of themselves, but it will also give the mattress a better lifespan, which is both financially and environmentally sustainable.”

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