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High airfares won’t stop Aussies flying to family weddings & funerals

Travel insights: Survey sheds light on the lengths Aussie's will go to maintain family bonds

In an era of skyrocketing international airfares, Australians are proving that no price is too high when it comes to key family events.

A new report from travel insurance provider Insure&Go reveals that three-quarters (74 percent) of Aussies would still make the trip for a family or friend’s wedding, and four in five (80 percent) wouldn’t miss a family funeral, regardless of the cost.

Even more impressively, nine in ten (92 percent) Aussies are willing to compromise on flight timings or convenience to snag a cheaper fare, showcasing their commitment to staying connected with loved ones.

Unwavering commitment to key events

The survey, which polled 1006 Australians, sheds light on the lengths people will go to maintain family bonds. And it’s not just weddings and funerals that Aussies prioritise. 

When it comes to major family celebrations like Christmas, 66 percent of respondents would still make the trip, while 65 percent would head overseas for a winter ski holiday, despite the high fares.

Interestingly, younger travellers (under 30) are the most steadfast, with 83 percent unwilling to miss an overseas funeral. This contrasts with those aged 31 to 50, who are more likely to avoid costly trips due to financial pressures such as rising living costs and mortgage rates.

Top tactics to save on airfare

Australians are getting creative in their quest to find affordable flights. The survey highlights several strategies:

  • 57 percent would travel outside of school holidays.
  • 49 percent would opt for low season or inconvenient departure times.
  • 48 percent would book flights 6 to 12 months in advance.

Despite these savvy moves, comfort is still key for many travellers. A significant 74 percent wouldn’t book multi-stopover flights, and only 13 percent are willing to stay in budget accommodations far from tourist hotspots. Additionally, just 41 percent would choose a low-cost carrier.

Insights by age group

The survey also revealed age-related differences in travel behaviour. Younger travellers (under 30) are less likely to book far in advance, with only 38 percent doing so, compared to 53 percent of over-50s. However, both groups are equally likely to travel off-season (50 percent).

Boomers are the most flexible with travel times, showing a higher willingness to avoid school holidays and choose inconvenient departure times (64 percent and 57 percent, respectively).

Jonathan Etkind, Chief Commercial Officer at Insure&Go, noted the influence of financial constraints on travel decisions. “These figures really speak to the purchasing power and lifestyle constraints of certain Aussies. Younger travellers might not be able to book far in advance because they simply don’t have the savings.

“Older Australians can more easily opt for off-peak travel, and younger Aussies are more likely to book flights with multiple stopovers due to lower disposable income.”


Despite soaring airfares, Australians are proving their dedication to family and friends by prioritising important events. While many are willing to adjust their travel plans to save money, comfort and convenience still play crucial roles in their decisions.

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