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Long Time Sheraton Employee

Greg Langley is the chief engineer at Western Australia’s iconic, Sheraton Perth Hotel.

Having been open for business for more than 36 years since its construction in 1973 – Greg is a long time staff manager, clocking up 11 years in his current position at the hotel.

Greg said, “Before I came to Sheraton Perth Hotel I spent a number of years working at other Sheraton properties around the world. I started out at what was the Sheraton Casino in Townsville before spending two years in Malaysia at Sheraton Langkawi Beach.”

However, hotel engineering is not the only experience on Greg’s extensive resume. Long before he first ever stepped foot in a hotel engineering department, Greg worked as a fitter on power stations and it wasn’t until “they stopped making power stations” that Greg had to find another job direction hence, he did so by starting out as a fitter reconditioning air-conditioning units for what used to be the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne. Today, Greg heads a large team of permanent staff that make up his engineering departments.


Greg Langley

“Currently I have one electrician, one plumber and apprentice plumber, two painting staff, one carpenter, four handymen, one engineering coordinator and myself. We employ a lot of contractors for projects such as pest control, refrigeration, mechanical services and any other new work.”


Greg and his team have a long list of regular maintenance tasks that must be undertaken on a daily basis to ensure the safety of guests and hotel associates.

“This task list includes: fire services, monitoring of the swimming pool, various other electrical testing, and maintenance of the cooling towers and so on.

“Everyday we conduct routine maintenance to ensure everything is kept up to speed. Some of this maintenance has become more prevalent with the introduction of Sheraton’s food hygiene requirements and regimes that closely mirror HACCP.”

Greg said he and his team are also ramping up towards meeting the environmental building standards.

“The environmental building standards are not mandatory yet but we would like to ensure we’re ahead of our game. When I first started here we did quite a lot in this area, implementing energy saving initiatives and today our hotel rates pretty well in terms of Sheraton hotels and energy consumption.”

And this is very impressive considering Sheraton Hotel Perth is a mammoth building with 486 rooms, 11 meeting and function rooms, seven boardrooms, gymnasium, steam rooms, outdoor heated pool, two restaurants and lobby lounge.

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