Noosa Managers Still Unhappy With Star Ratings

Frustrated resort managers in Noosa are still unhappy with the star ratings procedures despite a meeting earlier this year with AAA Tourism CEO Peter Blackwell.

Noosa managers have arranged a further meeting on 2 May to discuss, among other issues, alternatives to using the ‘official’ rating systems. Among the possibilities is an independent “Noosa rating” procedure divorced from the national scheme or working more closely with TripAdvisor.

Among the questions to be put to the forum is “Is TripAdvisor more influential on people’s decision making than the star rating. Should we possibly be more concerned and put our collective efforts into building a more positive and mutually beneficial relationship with TripAdvisor? For instance, trying to get TripAdvisor to vet negative reviews through the property managers before posting them.”

It is known that many managers have opted out of the new ratings scheme nationally and a lot more are contemplating doing so. The forum will be asked, “Is there actually anything to be gained by using a self rated system over losing a ½ star under the AAA system?”

Martin Ferguson’s pet T-Qual program is also to be debated. “T-Qual, does anyone care? Is there any benefit? Can we live without it? Should we be saying No thank you?”

[The meeting will be held at the Ivory Palms Conference Venue on 2 May at 4.00pm]

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