AAA Releases new Signage for Stars

AAA Tourism has introduced new branding and signage to promote its beleagured new Star Rating Scheme. The new branding “retains at its core AAA Tourism’s well known and respected star trade marks” according to AAA Tourism CEO Peter Blackwell.

Following the recent launch of the new star rating assessment program on behalf of Australia’s Auto Clubs, the new branding is appearing on 7000 properties around Australia.

Mr Blackwell said the branding was being adopted in AAA Tourism’s print and online publishing, starting with

“When people see how we assess cleanliness and quality as well as facilities, they will know we really are the champion of accommodation standards,” he said.

“More than 94% of travellers rate cleanliness their top priority, and most want quality to be rated too but the real trick is to measure it. We ensure a property has the cleanliness and quality to match its facilities – the accommodation you expect should be the accommodation you get.”

Mr Blackwell promised the new star ratings ensured absolutely objective assessment.

“Our assessors apply strict criteria for dust, stains, and general wear and tear, and a property must score at least a ‘good’ rating for cleanliness to get any stars at all,” he said. “Self-rated properties just don’t have the same credibility, and user ratings don’t have the same consistency.”

In a controversial statement, Mr Blackwell has called on families to spend their educational rebates from yesterday’s budget on domestic travel.

“AAA Tourism, on behalf of Australia’s auto clubs, says travel is a better investment than the electronic goods on which many people are likely to spend the bonus,” the statement says.

Mr Blackwell said domestic travel had benefits not only for families, but for the national economy. “Many families will spend the bonus on electronic gear that may be very appealing but ultimately encourages a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle,” he said. “Worse than that, most of the money will go to parent companies on the other side of the world.

“A local holiday, by contrast, can be both enjoyable and educational for the whole family – and it creates real jobs right here in Australia, often in small family businesses.”

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