Problems with parking

Quite possibly the single most hotly debated topic in strata living is parking.

This complex issue often presents many challenges to resident managers and is regularly the root of disputes between neighbours and visitors alike. A few of the most commonly received complaints are:

• Someone has parked in your privately owned car park

• Someone has parked in your allocated common property car park

• Someone has parked over the allotted time for visitor parking

• Someone has parked in a place that is not a designated car park

• Owners and occupiers are using visitor car spaces for their own private use

For resident managers, visitor parking is often a nightmare and can be quite a contentious issue. Standard by-laws generally state “…that owners/occupiers must not park any motor or other vehicle on common property except with written approval”. Many strata schemes have adopted this or a similar by-law that prohibits owners/occupiers from using these spaces and reserves them for visitors only. Strata schemes can also have by-laws that state a time limit on parking, usually this is displayed prominently in front of or around the car park.

As community managers, we stress the need for owners/residents to understand the by-laws of their community fully before launching attacks on others. Too often do we see massive arguments between two people who think they are right and it can really disrupt the feeling of community in strata living.

As resident managers, it is important to be proactive and ensure the lines of communication between you and the committee are open. Discuss putting a plan or process in place to help curb and combat the issue and if necessary pass and enforce a by-law. Such a by-law could restrict the use of designated visitor parking areas, define the meaning of visitors and include enforcement provisions to avoid contravention.

If lot owners have the opportunity to witness the by-laws being enforced, then it is more likely that they will be observed. Whatever the situation, don’t be tempted to take matters into your own hands! This can often result in damage to vehicles or verbal/physical confrontations.

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