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Sustainability a key concern for Australian travellers

On Earth Day [22 April], TripAdvisor revealed that sustainability is a key concern for Australians when making travel plans.

According to the world’s largest accommodation and traveller survey – the TripBa-rometer by TripAdvisor, 72% have indicated that it is important for accommodation providers to have eco-friendly practices. This compares to 79% of travellers globally.

Fortunately, Australian properties are amongst the greenest in the world with 83% who have reported having practices in place to reduce the impact their business has on the environment. According to the sur-vey, Australian properties indicated that they are doing their bit for the planet by implementing a wide range of eco-friendly practices.

The most common initiatives in place are:

Eco-friendly Practices in Place
Australia Global
Energy-efficient bulbs 92% 87%
Towel and linen re-use program  86% 82%
Water efficient toilets/shower  81% 58%





More than 1000 travellers and 750 hoteliers in Australia participated in the survey.

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