Classic conference tackles ageing timeshare owners

Classic Holidays invited the directors from all resorts under their management to attend the inaugural Classic Holidays Directors Conference 15-16 May on the Gold Coast.

Held over two days in Surfers Paradise, the conference was attended by directors from all over Australia representing 17 resorts and clubs managed by Classic Holidays. Timeshare products and their appeal to the next generation was the focus of this year’s conference. Key objectives of the conference were to provide continued education, networking with peers and strategic planning in the stewardship of premier timeshare resorts in Australia.

“This was a conference where the content was entirely focussed on our resorts and our needs. There wasn’t a wasted moment!” said Frankie Bonomo, chairman and director on a number of Classic Holidays resort boards.
With continually changing laws and responsibilities, the conference agenda covered a range of topics of particular relevance to directors of resorts and public companies, Classic Holidays arranged for industry specialists in legal, accounting, directors responsibilities and sustainability to speak at the two day event. There was also an extensive brief on the current trends in timeshare around the world, with particular reference to points based clubs.

However, the topic discussed most was how the timeshare product could be made to appeal to the next generation of holiday makers. In uniting the directors together, the conference allowed for strategic discussion of the future of traditional timeshare resorts, ensuring both management and the boards are in harmony moving forward.

“This was an assembly of like-minded people who are passionate about their resorts”, said Ramy Filo, CEO Classic Holidays. “It was an excellent forum where we were able to formulate strategies to help the resorts formulate long term plans for a new generation of timeshare owners.”

Classic wants to ensure they deliver and exceed the best industry benchmarks. By working with their directors in an open forum, they are able to share ideas and strategies while enlisting the knowledge of specialists in their field, ensuring they achieve their desired outcome.

“Initiatives like these are what sets Classic Holidays above its peers and why it has been awarded Perspective magazine’s Best Management Company two years running.”, said Mr Filo.

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