Tiger rebrand – start of a new era

Tiger Airways Australia has announced its rebrand with the roll-out of its first aircraft flying under the new Tigerair colours during a press conference today [3 July] at Melbourne Airport Tullamarine, held by the airline’s CEO Rob Sharp.

The enhanced look and feel of the new brand will be progressively reflected across the business through every customer touch point and represents a new era for the low cost airline which aims to connect more Australians to more of Australia, while making sure their experience is one that keeps them coming back for more. The rebrand to Tigerair is group-wide and comes at a particularly good time, just days before the joint venture with Virgin is expected to be finalised. This truly signals the start of a bright future for the business.

Rob Sharp said, “Today’s news is much more than just a fresh coat of paint and a new logo – it is the start of the revival of our airline here in Australia and should be seen as reinforcement of our commitment towards continuous innovation and improvement. The strategic repositioning of the brand will assist us through a significant period of growth over the coming years. Our goal is to provide Australians with the opportunity to explore new destinations, escape the daily grind, catch their favourite team in action and re-connect with friends and family more often, because our fares enable it. If you like, we’re a real airline for real people but we do understand that we need to put the customer at the forefront of our approach to ensure they choose to fly Tigerair.

“Today’s announcement is a strong statement reinforcing that we mean business and we are ready for change. We are driving customer choice by bringing real competition to the budget segment of the market.”

The leaping tiger that used to be a key identity element has made way for a distinctive and contemporary new logo which has been designed to embody the key elements of Tigerair’s personality: warm, passionate and genuine.

“The airline recognises it’s not just as simple as saying this, the team needs to live and breathe it day in and day out.”

As part of the brand roll out, the airline is also making a number of fundamental changes to its core processes to make travelling Tigerair an even better experience including a new-look website which will go live from today and much more is yet to come. Launches of new customer facing products will be announced over the coming months. As part of the new brand roll out and by way of celebration, there will be a number of fun consumer promotions rolled out soon to engage and excite customers.

On the back of solid operational performance in recent months and in view of the pending joint venture with Virgin Australia, Mr Sharp re-emphasised Tigerair’s commitment to providing Australians with greater low fare choice as the airline heads towards a sustainable and profitable future.
“Tigerair is already heading in the right direction – we’ve come a long way over the past two years. Those that try us do return and recognise we provide the ability to travel whenever you choose, regardless of budget. However we have a long way to go. Our two key priorities now are to create a stronger operating platform that can deliver growth and to build a sustainable business that brings greater competition to the Australian budget carrier market,” said Mr Sharp.

“Quite simply, in order to be the airline of choice we need to always remember customers have a choice.”

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