Historic new legislation to boost resident property management

The new Queensland Property Occupations Act will be proclaimed on 1 December, a significant milestone in red tape reform for the administration of all sections of the industry including the role and responsibilities of resident managers and the management rights industry.

The review process to reform the old Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act began in 2008 and we at ARAMA along with other industry sectors contributed to the review process and then detailed consultation with the developing the outcome of dividing the old legislation into current industry sectors. To complete the process, the Office of Fair Trading will be releasing the new forms and protocols associated with the four new separate acts that replace the old PAMDA structure and will support the education process with a state-wide education and familiarisation program.

An important corollary to the implementations of the new property legislation acts will be the ongoing program of the concurrent review process taking place now with the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, which should see new recommendations and reforms with that legislation progressing and going to the state parliament during 2015.

We at ARAMA wish to congratulate the attorney-general and minister for justice Jarrod Bleijie for his personal interest and commitment to the process which was undertaken by the officers from the Office of Fair Trading.

The review was commenced with an industry review conducted by the then Service Delivery and Performance Commission based within the Premier’s Department in recognition of the significant contribution that the property industry in all its forms makes to the Queensland economy in so many business sectors on a 24/7 basis.

ARAMA responded to the Commission and also to the Parliamentary Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee that called for submissions when notice was given that the PAMD Act, that had operated since 2000, was to be replaced by separate industry based legislation to focus directly on the various industry sectors but retain a universal administration protocol with the Agents Financial and Administration Act (2014).

While the legislation went to the parliament in the May session and the various bills were passed, the process of developing the regulations to provide the detailed administrative process of the various sectors to provide the forms and protocols for the day-to-day administration of all aspects of the management and responsibilities of licences and others working within the legislation and to provide the lawful protection for owners, investors and operators.

ARAMA appreciates the commitment by the OFT to conduct its state-wide briefings to all professional groups as part of its education program for the various industry sectors and its very comprehensive web site program that clearly details the roles and responsibilities of industry practitioners and also links these responsibilities to the various sections within the acts.

We at ARAMA believe that the new legislation and its supporting regulations have been a significant contribution to the holiday and tourist sector and also the dramatic growth of the 21st century lifestyle living projects which are continuing to be developed and expand in centres across the state. It is important for us all to remember that the development of the management rights industry and the role of the resident manager in creating the industry was pioneered in Queensland and contributed to the development of the regional tourist industry on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as high rise complexes and density living projects were generated.

As Australians continued to embrace the benefits of holiday and lifestyle living, Queensland continued to benefit from the economic development associated with tourism and development construction that continues to grow as the state attracts more permanent residents as well as holidaymakers.

The new legislation recognizes the dynamic nature of lifestyle living and it is important that not only ARAMA resident managers and their teams attend the OFT briefings but all sectors of the industries should take time to ensure that they are across the new administrative requirements.

For we are a service industry, there to assist and help guests and families enjoy their holidays, and also for full time residents to enjoy the comforts and pleasures of their density living home, in the knowledge and security that they are being cared for and their properties and living standards are in full compliance and safety as required by the legislation.

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