Summer electricity a big bill for unit residents

Residents in units and apartments could face serious bill shock if they don’t act now to curb their summer electricity habits, warns Archers Body Corporate Management.

The company said many of its clients felt the pinch of power prices over summer with some bills increasing by as much as 30 per cent. Archers Body Corporate Management partner Grant Mifsud said as the seasons changed bodies corporate should be reviewing the building’s electricity habits with a view to reduce unnecessary usage immediately.

“We believe that change needs to occur on a number of levels for the body corporate and, more importantly, residents to see a change,” Mr Mifsud said. “Because all schemes are unique, at the highest level we encourage all our new clients to undertake a full scale energy audit to identify areas to save which might include changing lighting, pumps and timing mechanisms.

“At a scheme level, bodies corporate should be reviewing the tariff allocation listed on electricity bills to ensure it’s the most effective for the type of scheme and electricity habits. This step alone can save bodies corporate up to 13 per cent. Finally, we encourage bodies corporate to communicate with all residents about how they can save on an individual level.”

Mr Mifsud said bodies corporate should take the following steps on board to tackle summer bill shock:
• Adjust timers on common area lighting – as the days get longer, lights can switch on later at night and off earlier in the morning
• Review the body corporate’s tariff allocation as detailed on each bill to ensure it is the most efficient tariff for your scheme’s needs
• Consider a bulk energy purchase agreement – this is especially effective for large schemes or schemes that have commercial elements with high energy consumption
• Talk to an expert consultancy about conducting a full scale energy audit to identify cost saving initiatives to meet your building’s specific needs.

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