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A friend’s spare room in Australia or a 4-star resort in Asia?

As every traveller knows, accommodation costs can take their toll on one’s holiday budget. They can also vary greatly depending on the desti-nation: 5-star luxury in Bali, for example, tends to come cheaper than a similar level of comfort in Sydney. In fact, as the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal, the kind of places Aussies stay while on holiday within Australia tend to be quite different from the accommodation they choose for a holiday in Asia.

Last year, among Australians 14+ whose last long holiday (three or more nights) was domestic, the most common accommodation type by far was the unpaid variety, with more than a third (36%) staying at the homes of friends or relatives. Rented accommodation such as fully self-contained rental flats, units or apartments or houses (21%) and 4-star hotels or resorts (11%) were the most popular paid accommodation options.

Holiday-goers whose last long trip was in Asia, on the other hand, were most likely to stay at hotels: either 4-star hotels or resorts (33%) or standard hotel/motels or resorts (28%).
Accommodation stayed in: domestic vs Asian holidays.


Not surprisingly, tents and campsites were more popular among domestic travellers than those who holidayed in Asia, while the latter group were more likely to have stayed in B&Bs and on cruise ships.

Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says, “Budget, personal preference, destination and who we’re travelling with all contribute to our holiday accommodation choices. Staying with friends and family is a convenient, cheap and (usually) fun option, and because so many of us have loved ones around the country, it’s no surprise that this is the type of accommodation most commonly used by Australians holidaying domestically.

“On the other hand, hotels, motels and resorts are the most popular accommodation type among those travelling to Asia. In many Asian coun-tries, it is possible to get considerably more bang for one’s accommodation buck than in Australia, so why wouldn’t you make the most of the opportunity?

“Of course, for the growing proportion of Asian-born Australians, visiting family and friends back home is often the main purpose of their Asian holiday. Staying with their loved ones allows them to maximise the time they spend together.

“It is vital for hotels, motels, and other accommodation providers to understand the demographics, attitudes and behavioural profiles of their target market, so as to tailor appropriate communications that reach the most responsive audience.”

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