Six types of hotel guest to attract by 2030 (and how to do it)

These helpful pointers promise to help you attract all different types of travellers in the next 15 years.

AN75 wk1 2030The travel landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and new trends have emerged. Rather than split the population into targetable demographics, the Future Foundation has advocated that hoteliers look to “psychographics” instead.

According to a new report published by the Future Foundation there are six types of guest to look out for in the run-up to 2030.






1. Simplicity searchers look for ease and transparency above all else when they plan a holiday and are willing to outsource all decision-making to avoid doing lots of research. Big data-based recommendations, all-inclusive-style activities, and an overall more personalised approach to booking will help attract these guests.

2. Cultural purists want to leave their home-life entirely behind and immerse themselves in a brand new culture. Finding new ways to introduce them to the local community through apps, business partnerships or activities would be a good way to attract these guests.

3. Social capital seekers want to impress their social circle with tales of a well-travelled life. Social media marketing will capitalise on these guests as well as enriching their experience with social media access via free wifi and apps that let them check-in online.

4. Reward hunters look for maximum returns on their investment. Loyalty programs are a great way to capture their attention, promising a facial or massage in return for a second visit, etc.

5. Obligation meeters are bound by business endeavour and are therefore limited in what they can do or how much time they can spend in any given location. Attracting these guests is all about convenience as they will be grateful for things like in-room ironing boards, room service, free wifi.

6. Ethical travellers want to see that their visit somehow benefits the wider community. Providers can win over these guests with environmental courtesy such as green bathroom products, participation in one of the soap initiatives, and organic local foods.


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