International visitor numbers add confidence to industry growth

The latest national trade accounts released by the Australian government reveal that inbound tourism is the best performing area of service exports, with almost 900,000 visitors arriving in 2015 up to December.

This significant boost to the traditional holiday season is indeed very encouraging for the holiday accommodation providers throughout the nation. The short term international visitor numbers are increasing by one percent monthly.

In the past 12 months, the arrival numbers have increased significantly by 11 percent.

CEO of the Brisbane Airport Corporation, Julieanne Alroe has pointed out that income from foreign tourists now matches Australia’s total rural exports. She notes that it is a major growth sector and it is labour intensive.

In her yearly summary she pointed out that international passenger growth was good and the 27 percent growth in Chinese passengers was exceptional.

The growth in international business is extremely encouraging and is being reinforced by the significant investment underway in new high density property development underway in centres across the eastern coast cities and tourist destinations.

While there remains some uncertainty in the global economy, we in the accommodation industry must be heartened by the new investment into the density living accommodation sector. Increases in visitor statistics in holiday letting and the growth of permanent living preferences in strategically placed density development bodes well for the future.

This is exciting news for ARAMA and the resident management industry as it clearly illustrates that there will be an ongoing need for professional services to manage the diversity of complexes now underway and nearing completion.

The challenge for our industry remains our determined focus on continuing professional development for our members and the new entrants to the resident management industry to ensure that the expectations of owners and visitors can enjoy the lifestyle living that is now being provided.

ARAMA continues to offer our members a range of professional development opportunities, with key industry experts addressing member’s meetings held throughout the year, with our key providers visiting centres to ensure that members have the direct opportunity to discuss local and regional issues.

Nationally, ARAMA continues to be active in reviewing forthcoming legislative review, with new legislation to be implemented in July this year in New South Wales and Queensland and Western Australia reviewing their body corporate and community management legislation well underway.

We have not only consulted with our members but have been actively working with the SCA and the Owners Corporation Network to ensure that we can present to governments a consensus position on many of the key items to ensure that the updated legislation is relevant, practical and operational.

There are many “people” issues in density living complexes and it is vital that we continue to work with all sectors of the industry and with our members to ensure that we have laws and regulations that deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

We are a 24/7 business that is extremely personal in our relationships with all stakeholders and fortunately through our branch network we are able to support our colleagues and the industry in managing any issues and challenges that arise.

There is a significant diversity of practical knowledge throughout the resident management industry and we have been wonderfully supported by our lawyers panel and also the industry voice Resort News and its online accomnews service.

Importantly, the sectors of government including fair trading, BCCM, WPHS, Tourism Queensland and the RTA meet with us on a regular basis to ensure that day-to-day operations continue to run smoothly and professionally.
We are a significant sector in the economic environment of each state and the nation and we will continue to ensure our members are strongly supported to deliver the best services to our owners and clients.

ARAMA is well aware of the economic challenges thar are facing our nation and the global economy. However, we continue to be heartened by the evidence before us that there continues to be a demand by international tourists to visit Australia and that Australians still love to have a holiday and that many of them are now choosing holiday-style resort living to be their permanent home. Management rights plays an important role in the delivery of this service satisfaction.

We will be continuing to work hard with our members to ensure that we are well prepared for the challenges of industry growth.

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