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Hotel shines new light on Brisbane nightlife

Nocturnal urban adventurers can navigate Brisbane’s diverse nightlife with a wealth of local knowledge at their fingertips thanks to an illuminating digital feature unveiled by the city’s Hotel Jen.

Catering to hotel guests, visitors and locals eager to discover the city’s lesser-known places, experiences and cultures, the Night Light Map is the first experiential program for Hotel Jen Brisbane, part of Shangri-La International Hotel Management.

From cool city street art and favourite late-night foodie stops to little-known vantage points for sunset and sunrise, Night Light lets you leave boring behind after dark.

It is another sign that Brisbane has shed its mantle of a ‘big country town’ that shuts up shop at 9pm and now, like its southern cousins Sydney and Melbourne, offers a world-class range of experiences from dusk till dawn.

Powered by Brisbane’s street savvy inhabitants, the Night Light map continuously updates with data from social media check-ins and selected hashtags, including content produced by Hotel Jen and local influencers or ‘Jensetters’.

The interactive map is live all day and uses real-time geo-tagged data to highlight hot spots where you can eat, play and relax like a local until daylight.

The feature is available on desktop and mobile platforms and is accessible by the hotel’s guests and anyone else seeking after-dark discoveries in the nine Asia-Pacific destinations with a Hotel Jen, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila and the Maldives.

Users can apply filters – Touristy Things, Local Hangouts and Jen’s Picks – to remove the ‘noise’ of clichéd activities to find places and experiences that are off the beaten tourist track. Hotel Jen Brisbane director of sales and marketing, Takehiro Ito, said Night Light was created to encourage guests to head out and explore the diversity of experiences Brisbane had to offer between sunset and sunrise.

“There’s more to a city after dark than what is featured in conventional guide books and we want to provide a new perspective for busy business travellers, unabashed night owls and curious families through curated insider insights,” Mr Ito said.

“Night Light has tips on home-grown art, local flavours, native rituals and of course, Brisbane’s vibrant sporting scene with its plethora of events and many interesting and fun ways to be active and healthy.

“And the great thing about this map is that the locals get involved in sharing their hidden ‘gems’ to deliver an engaging insider view of their city.

“It allows our guests to ‘seize the stay’ by embracing a range of authentic and spontaneous experiences – the real Brisbane, if you like.”


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