Sunday, September 23, 2018

Superstar HR manager wins global award

Adrienne Putelli is the 2018 winner of Hilton’s CEO Light & Warmth Award.

Her long-standing role at Hilton hotels has taken her around the world with positions in the UK and UAE. Recognised for over 20 years of ongoing contributions to the hotel, community, company and the environment, Adrienne’s position as Human Resources (HR) manager has been the most impactful of her career.

For a bit of background – the Hilton’s CEO Light & Warmth Award celebrates inspiring team members who embody the very best of what hospitality means. It is the highest form of recognition the company offers and is awarded on a global level.

Adrienne embodies the characteristics every hospitality employer seeks – dedication, hard work, comradeship and a devotion to go above and beyond. Her passion in these areas has gained the hotel international recognition, regularly attending career fairs and networking evenings on behalf of Hilton Brisbane and Hilton worldwide, inspiring the next generation of hospitality professionals. A champion for sustainability and social justice, Adrienne encourages staff involvement in extra-curricular activities such as rehabilitation missions in local businesses after devastation of the 2011 floods.

Adrienne’s vision to offer nationally recognised qualifications to team members in collaboration with an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) works to ensure staff are always developing their professional skillset. As Brisbane is expecting five new competitor hotels over the next five years, Adrienne is working to ensure Hilton will attract, recruit and develop top talent in the industry, that constantly focus on giving back to the community.

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