Gold Coast amps up local tourism push as QLD borders stay closed

With all eyes on Queensland’s tourism industry this week, the jewel in its crown has been busy preparing for its first wave of return travellers, as showcased in a new playful ‘ Preparing For Your Return ’ video released today.

Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista said the light-hearted video reflects the quintessential Gold Coast spirit of making the best of the tough times they’ve faced over the past few months. Ms Battista said:

It’s encouraging to see the positive spirit and tenacity of our operators during this challenging time. The creativity and resilience we have seen from locals has been inspiring and will continue to ensure we provide a world-class experience to our visitors as travel restrictions ease.

The Gold Coast tourism sector is counting down as Queensland moves into stage two restrictions and the industry can start welcoming more drive and intrastate travellers. Last year, the Gold Coast drew a record 14.2 million visitors, but the COVID-19 travel ban has halted the city’s biggest economic driver in tourism, worth $6 billion per year.

It is estimated that keeping the Queensland border closed until September will cost the Gold Coast an extra $500 million over two months at a minimum.

Ms Battista said while recovery wouldn’t happen overnight, there’s a reason why the Gold Coast is one of the nation’s favourite places to holiday, which coupled with the ability to capture outbound demand before international borders open, would give the industry a much-needed shot in the arm.

“Our time to shine again will come, but in the meantime, we are ready and excited for families to come and play in our incredible backyard.”

Destination Gold Coast’s ‘Preparing For Your Return’ video will be disseminated across social media, YouTube and Taboola. A dedicated version is also being released for New Zealand viewers.

Synonymous with the Gold Coast’s fun, laid back atmosphere and its friendly locals, the 60-second video features a series of creative clips from renowned operators as they excitedly prepare to welcome back visitors to Australia’s favourite playground.

The video is a follow-up to the successful ‘Thanks To You, Parents ’ installment released earlier this month – which generated more than 1 million views on YouTube within a week – and spotlights how the family-favourite destination, operators and attractions have been spending their time counting down to showtime.

Making captivating appearances in the aspirational travel teaser are Sea World’s cheeky seals, Bam Bam Bakehouse’s backflipping baristas, Justin Lane’s perfect pizza makers and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s brilliant bird wranglers.

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nora Hukins
nora Hukins
4 years ago

I understand the economy and business are suffering.My husband and i both lost lost our jobs, however i most definately dont want all the sick people from the rest of Australia flooding up to Cairns for the holidays bringing the virus with them. As much we all need an income to survive my families health is my priority. I dont want to risk my children getting sick (and/or worse) all because cause the Gold coast wants to make money.Perhaps they open just the gold coast to travellers!! They want the money and the tourism,they can be the ones to deal with the virus,overrun hospitals and all the corona virus deaths when it happens all over again. Leave Tropical north qld alone.

Reply to  nora Hukins
4 years ago

How about you just stay at home if you are that worried and let other people also choose if they want to earn a living or not . Some of these people may loose all they have risked in buying a business. It`s a bad flu. We can`t and shoudn`t shut the world down each time we are worried that someone might get a flu. It need to be kept in perspective . Each year around the world there are a million people die of flu. In Australia we have had just over 100 die . There will be more die on the roads going to Qld. As I said let people make there own choice.

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