Queenslanders advised: Book local to save QLD tourism & accom

“We’re opening Queensland for Queenslanders” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced as she lifted more COVID-19 restrictions.

On Sunday 31, with no new Coronavirus cases in Queensland and only 5 active cases, it was announced that stage two restrictions will commence from midday Monday 1st June. This means that Queenslanders can undertake unlimited travel, including overnight stays throughout the entire state.

Queensland has been slow to open up for business and ease COVID-19 restrictions, it is behind other states and the government has been facing a backlash, but today’s news is a small ray of light for Queensland’s decimated tourism industry. It will give some hope to many owners and operators who are relying on a surge in bookings from domestic travellers sooner rather than later, to save their businesses.

How much the industry will embrace the additional news that cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs, are allowed a small increase in the number of patrons from 10 to 20, remains to be seen. From noon on Friday, June 5, venues with more space will be allowed up to 20 people in each defined area if they follow an approved COVID Safe Industry Plan” but for many businesses this move will still not justify opening their doors.

However, tourism minister Kate Jones welcomed the news and said: “Now it’s time for Queenslanders to back Queenslanders. People from across the world flock to state every year, now it’s time for locals to get out and see more of it. Book that Queensland holiday you never got around to doing. Go diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Spend some time of one of our many great beaches. Check out the Daintree or one of our other spectacular rainforests. Experience the beauty of our outback.”

The easing of these restrictions has come earlier than scheduled and may signal that Queensland’s borders could open sooner than September (previously suggested by Palaszczuk). Tourism industry players will continue to push hard for open borders.

Palaszczuk said: “Well done, Queensland. Our state’s outstanding response to the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed restrictions to be lifted ahead of a planned move to Stage Two originally scheduled for June 12.”

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3 years ago

It’s great to see political leaders encouraging Australians to spend on local tourism but why don’t they say ” Book Direct ” ??
They’re encouraging Australians to send 15% or more commission in our hard earned Australian dollars to these foreign overseas based travel companies like Expedia & with every Online Travel Agency booking they make. (OTAs)
We need every dollar we can keep in Australia working for Australians.
Foreign OTAs need to be excluded – Australia cannot afford to send billions overseas instead of booking direct by email or just picking up the phone and ringing your hotel direct.
We need to hear far more from our leaders on this vital issue.

Reply to  Tony
3 years ago

Agree Tony. None of these political leaders are saying enough to help us.
We put posts on FB and Instagram every now and then and have taken to telling people when they check in and lately I have also put information in our confirmation letter, the hardest part is to get people to read it. There are thousands of people who have no clue and think they are getting a good deal.

Reply to  Tony
3 years ago

The other option available to you could be to book through a local travel agent and support them.

Reply to  PAMELA
3 years ago

That’s fine if its a local travel agent and not an overseas owned travel company. Still doesn’t help the small independent family owned business by still having to pay commissions. We didn’t aske the customer to use a third party agent they chose too, they should be paying the commission to the travel agent, not the accommodation business owner.

Robyn Archer
Reply to  Tony
3 years ago

Thank you Tony,
This has and is a long term problem and well before COVID19.
I believe our Industry Association/s should be taking this up immediately with Government bodies..
The majority of guests to whom we speak to have no idea this is what happens behind the scenes with the costs providers pay to the Online Booking Agencies. .
It is a total disgrace today’s world of technology, which shows providers have their own webpage but unfortunately will never rise to the top Google against these companies as providers cannot afford to pay the price for the search engines to improve our positions the NET.
This is the absolute opportune time for Australians to support Australians together with Association and Government to right the wrong for us all.
DEAL DIRECT, CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN, come on Authorities can you please listen to us.
During this pandemic we are seeing our fellow Aussies doing the right thing and travelling to our Regional and other Areas of our GREAT LAND – unfortunately the majority of our bookings come thru the online overseas sites.
Has anyone noticed the Overseas online agency throwing out a survival line to help through this challenging time?

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