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Grab & Go breakfast ideas

Speedy breakfasts both appeal to busy guests and help increase revenue

Between wanting a relaxing holiday lie-in, making that early business meeting, a dawn flight or just heading out early to explore, guests are often time-poor in the morning.

To cater to guests with tight schedules, consider adding some ‘Grab and Go’ breakfast options to your accommodation’s menu.

Not only will ‘Grab and Go’ options appeal to busy guests but will also go towards increasing overall business revenue.

However, to ensure your menu meets the needs of your clientele, it’s important to consider the current trends in food and beverage.

Offer a variety of breakfast options

Le Pack Grab and Go Breakfast

Interesting new research commissioned by Agoda, revealed the top things international travellers look for when they book accommodation in Australia, and the results might surprise you. While cleanliness, friendly staff, a comfy bed, great location and value for money have in the main proven decisive factors, now research shows a complimentary breakfast is the number one expectation on most people’s list.

And international travellers have high expectations, with 70 percent of respondents expecting their accommodation to offer a complimentary breakfast. They also want options.

What they look for in a breakfast very much depends on where they come from in the world.

Agoda’s Oceania Director, Zsuzsanna Janos said the research showed it was increasingly important for hotel owners to know where their guests were coming from and match their offerings accordingly.

Health and wellbeing choices

Other research shows consumers have refocused on their health, after indulging in comfort foods during the COVID-19 pandemic and they are looking for healthier options.

In the top 10 for 2022 are immunity-boosting snacks and alternative sweeteners. To appeal to your health-conscious guests and those with food sensitivities or allergies ensure your ‘Grab and Go’ choices include gluten-free, nut free, whole-food, low carb, low sugar or protein options.

Think tubs of Greek yoghurt, muesli and protein bars, superfood smoothies, chia puddings and low-sugar muffins.

Nutrition-packed beverages such as kombucha might also be a worthwhile addition, with consumers showing an increasing preference for functional health drinks over soft drinks and juices.

While wholefood options and superfoods can be costly, health-conscious guests are more likely to see these costs as an investment in their wellness.

Grab and Go Breakfast – The Handmade Food Co

Include vegetarian and vegan offerings

Don’t forget your vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian guests, while vegetarianism and veganism remain popular, the number of consumers now defining themselves as “flexitarian” has risen steadily. Defined as “plant-curious” eaters, flexitarians choose to reduce the overall amount of animal products they consume.

It may also be wise to have a look at your meat and dairy suppliers because while flexitarians still consume animal products on occasion, consumer trends have seen increased demand for high-quality meat, dairy and eggs.

The trend is believed to be a result of increasing awareness of animal wellness and environmental concern.

Source local

When curating your ‘Grab and Go’ menu, ensure to select Australian sourced and locally produced products if available- because your guests will love it if you can tell them where the eggs in their breakfast are from.

Sustainability is important

From paper straws to biodegradable coffee cups, the market has clearly responded to a global push for more sustainable food packaging.

In fact, the “What’s Hot” October 2021 National Restaurant Association Survey ranked sustainable packaging as the top trend for 2022.

Additionally, Waitrose’s 2022 Food & Drink Report found that nearly 70 percent of surveyed customers said the carbon footprint of their diet was important.

When considering your ‘Grab n Go’ menu, ensure you provide biodegradable food packing to help minimise your accommodation’s carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious guests.

Additionally, look at providing green bins for guests to dispose of their biodegradable packing and food waste.

Not only convenient, green bins will also highlight your accommodation’s commitment to sustainability.

Food Photography Brisbane

Coffee time?

For many guests, coffee in the morning will be non-negotiable. When considering ‘Grab and Go’ options, it is important to ensure they have access to quality coffee on the go.

Cold brew cans are popular choices for consumers looking for convenience, while specialty coffee bags are another option.

Juice may also be a popular choice for guests in summer. Consider upselling by providing guests with a choice of freshly squeezed juice in the morning.

Link into the current wellness trend by allowing guests to add ginger, turmeric, or wheatgrass to their juice.

Big breakfast

For guests looking to start the day off with a hearty breakfast, it’s important to offer some substantial options on the ‘Grab and Go’ menu.

A choice of fresh breads and pastries always goes down well with guests from around the globe. Egg and bacon muffins, breakfast burritos, cheese and ham croissants and even a frittata are good options for guests on the go, while giving them enough fuel for a busy day.

For a meat-free option, think veggie breakfast sandwiches, a warming bowl of porridge or oat milk and cereal.

Brad Richmond, Operations Manager at Lepack agreed that guests love a free breakfast and ‘grab and go’ breakfast packs are a very affordable way to satisfy that demand.

“Guests also like the flexibility of being able to use the packs at any time of the day, whether it be for early checkout or even a late-night snack,” he said.

With hygiene still a top priority for guests Mr Richmond also points out that the packs are a perfect hygiene friendly option.

Furthermore, he said breakfast packs can also increase revenue for accommodation providers because they “save time and money in labour”.

He added: “Our packs are ready made to give or sell straight to guests as a meal option. They can also be sold at a profit with little effort involved.”

On current trends he revealed: “Guests will always demand a variety of options and our ‘Variety Breakfast Pack’ range is very popular, it features a choice of cereal, juice, snack bar and fruit or muffin.

“Our location specific packaging options are also very on trend with Tropical, Coastal, Outback and Australiana options available.”

Guests do want more sustainable products and packaging according to Mr Richmond.

He said: “However, all industries should care about a more sustainable future, and not just because guests are demanding it. It is time for a switch to sustainably sourced and recyclable wooden spoons and biodegradable bowls.”

He added that “sustainability is also about using Australian sourced products where possible”.

Grab and Go Breakfast – The Handmade Food Co

David Taylor the National Sales Manager at The Handmade Food Co told AccomNews, in his opinion a good breakfast is all about the bread!

He said: “Guests are happy when they are presented with a fantastic variety of bread, they love artisan breads, café classics toasties as well as gluten free options. With traditional bacon and egg or ham and cheese fillings shown to be the most popular choices for breakfast.”

“For this reason, we offer classic breakfast combinations across various bread types including ciabattas, Turkish breads, café style toasties, croissants and even our popular croque monsieur.”

On current trends he revealed he’s seen an increase in demand for quality products with dietary preferences or requirements.

He said: “We added harissa vegetable with hummus and other plant-based sandwiches and wraps to our range. We also have a tasty gluten-free ham and cheese toastie, which comes in a heat proof bag to prevent cross contamination with glutinous products.”

To satisfy international guests Mr Taylor agreed that “variety is key”.

He said: “Offering proteins like beef, ham and chicken combinations as well as vegetarian means you have something to appeal to a broad audience.”

Mr Taylor confirmed guests do love local produce. He said: “The consistent feedback received from guests (especially international travellers) is how much they appreciate an Australian business who takes great pride in sourcing ingredients locally.”

When accommodations make the choice to offer ‘Grab and Go’ breakfasts Mr Taylor pointed out an obvious benefit is the savings that can be made on labour costs.

He said: “We know there is a real shortage of labour across the industry. Having quality pre-prepared food at your fingertips when you simply do not have staff is so important. The other major benefit to buying in a frozen product like ours, is you can minimise your wastage.”

Flexibility is key, especially when the accommodation sector is dealing with fluctuations in demand he said.

“Another challenge we hear from the accommodation industry is how important it is to be able to provide a meal or snack for guests when they arrive at odd hours. Many hotels purchase our products, so they always have something tasty on hand to satisfy a hungry guest outside kitchen hours.”

Finally, he added: “Smart operators keep our pre-made food offer on hand to capitalise on every opportunity without compromising on quality.

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