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How to create maximum alfresco impact

Just about any space can be transformed into an alfresco drawcard for any property

Alfresco means open-air and Australians are well known for their love of fresh air and outdoor spaces. With such a wonderful climate and a unique natural environment, all visitors to Australian shores seek a special outdoor space to wine, dine and unwind.

Many Australian accommodation properties are well-designed to take full advantage of beautiful locations and the environment outside. Some guest rooms are accessed via open-air corridors, some rooms step straight out to the pool area, tropical gardens, or delectably designed secret dining spaces, and then there is the increased demand for funky urban rooftops!

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But with a little creative imagination just about any space can be transformed into an alfresco drawcard for any property.

Image provided by Kudos Premium Outdoor Furniture

What is the perfect place for guests who want to feel on top of the world? Rooftop alfresco is trending, and many properties (where possible) seek to create a beautiful space ‘up top’ for guests to enjoy the fresh air and sunset views.

Another popular industry alfresco design trend is bringing ‘outside in’. Here designers seamlessly flow interior space into alfresco space and back again, sometimes they use vertical hydroponic gardens, natural materials, and outdoor furnishings. You may have also noticed that many new properties feature huge living green walls and natural light inside the lobby to create an ‘outside in’ wow factor.

Whatever outdoor space in your property you choose to present as ‘alfresco style’, remember it must suit the overall aesthetics of your property and its surroundings. What works for one establishment might not be the right fit for yours. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with specialist suppliers when furnishing and equipping an alfresco space.

Image provided by Kudos Premium Outdoor Furniture

Some styling tips

  • Alfresco lounge suites provide comfort and flexibility: Offer seating for a large group, or the perfect spot to relax (feet up) with a book.
  • Create shade, use cabanas, plants, canopies or umbrellas but make sure they won’t blow off your rooftop haven!
  • Provide elegant bar stools and high cocktail tables so guests can choose a livelier chat with drinks and snacks.
  • For cold spells add additional pieces such as a fire pit or consider installing some nice heat lamps. Don’t forget to provide some snuggly blankets.
  • Mood lighting creates atmosphere, warmth, and a touch of romance. String lights are an inexpensive but memorable touch.
  • Only purchase quality furniture that suits the environment, consider both sun damage and mold.
  • Remember cushions, they add comfort colour and pizzazz!

On refurbishing Alfresco areas, AccomNews sought advice from two of the industry’s most trusted outdoor furniture suppliers.

Dean Gesterkamp, Director, Kudos Premium Outdoor Furniture, told us that achieving maximum impact in any space requires a combination of good design, clever use of colour, and of course comfort.

“Nothing turns guests off more than old, tired, and grubby outdoor furniture, it should always be replaced,” he said.

“The type and style of the new furniture is very much down to personal choice and preference but should also complement the overall look of the property and at the same time meet the needs of guests.

“Remember it is essential to provide adequate seating and tables to meet guest expectations.”

On the latest trends for alfresco spaces, he said there has been an uptick in the use of colour, with vibrant cushions adding another element of comfort. He advised, but make sure the colours blend well with your furniture and decor.

On another popular trend, the use of artificial plants, green walls, and vertical gardens he said they can effectively transform spaces. If used well, they can provide nice private spaces and achieve a stunning visual impact.

With delivery times still impacted by ongoing shipping delays due to COVID, Mr Gesterkamp cautioned, if you want to refurbish your alfresco area in time for Christmas, do not delay ordering. Demand is high and you do not want to disappoint your guests at the busiest and sunniest time of year when they want to enjoy your outdoor spaces most.

Finally, we asked, for tips on creating an impressive and comfortable alfresco area.

He said: “Don’t be afraid to engage a designer. If you are not confident in your choices, a good designer will know exactly how to create the most impactful outdoor spaces for your guests.”

“Always only select durable materials and products that offer longevity. Quality comes back to choosing products with a good warranty from reputable suppliers.”

Image provided by Daydream Leisure Furniture

Jason Condon, owner of Daydream Leisure Furniture believes that there is nothing guests enjoy more than eating, drinking, relaxing, and spending time in a tastefully designed and well-put-together alfresco space.


He told us: “Visitors want to make the most of Australia’s incredible climate. And if you were to ask your potential guests where they intend to spend most of their time at your property, I would suggest their answer would be outdoors; by the pool, on the rooftop and relaxing in alfresco spaces.

Image provided by Daydream Leisure Furniture

“Given this, comfort and style are key when choosing furnishings for those areas but always remember you are buying for a commercial environment, therefore everything should withstand sustained abuse from guests, weather, and various unguents.”

He added: “Yes visual appeal is very important to your guests, but when you purchase any outdoor furniture practicality should be paramount.”

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