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Trends in F&B for 2023

We've seen the meteoric rise & fall of kale, croquembouche and lockdown sourdough but what trendy F&B choices are next?

Trends in food and beverage are constantly evolving. Consider some “trendy” choices from the past- the meteoric rise of kale, the croquembouche and lockdown sourdough all come to mind.

Often informed by social media, food trends in the 2020s are moving faster than ever.

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To help your accommodation stay on trend and cater to the tastes of modern-day guests, AccomNews has taken a look at some of the biggest trends in food and beverage for 2023.

Nostalgic Eats

As shown by the resurgence of the humble motel, guests are seeking out that feeling of nostalgia. Bring that essence of nostalgia to your accommodation’s food and beverage menu by taking cues from comforting childhood favourites. Think alcoholic spiders or an elevated mac and cheese with truffle or a panko crumb. 

Photo by Mark Pecar on Unsplash

Storytell through wines and spirits

Embrace your region by working with local beverage producers. Guests love to experience something new on holiday, so make sure to stock gins, whiskeys and wines from the surrounding area. By engaging with local winemakers and distillers, your accommodation will be able to tell a story about the local area that is sure to impress. For an additional income stream, consider selling bottles of gin or wine directly to guests.

Embrace the Mediterranean   

Taking inspiration from Europe, tinned anchovies and sardines are now on the menu at the chicest bars and restaurants! Serve alongside flatbread and lemon and transport your guests to the Mediterranean. Not only a treat for the tastebuds, but this menu item is also simple to prepare and cost-effective.

AdobeStock By Beats

Share Board

Short on chefs? That’s okay, think minimal preparation but maximum taste and impact – guests love to share a yummy board filled with plenty of locally sourced goodness – cheese, meats, nibbles, fruit, artisan bread, olives, pickles & delicious relishes.

Treats for the Teetotaler 

The “sober curious” movement is still in full swing and the need for interesting non-alcoholic beverage options is greater than ever. Head to social media to find inspiration on tasty non-alcoholic cocktails and consider elevating your garnishes to really wow your guests. Dehydrated citrus is a simple way to elevate both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and is a great use of your excess fruit!

Photo by roam in color on Unsplash

Meat-free or flexible?

In previous years, we saw a steep rise in veganism and vegetarianism. While still an important factor of your accommodation’s food and beverage offering, many people are now turning towards “Flexitarianism”. Flexitarians eat a mostly plant-based diet while consuming meat and seafood on occasion. While cutting down their meat consumption significantly, these guests want to ensure the animal products they do consume are ethical and sustainable. Is your accommodation located near a local farm, or do you have a local fishmonger? Consider working with local producers to shine a spotlight on the region, while minimising your menu’s carbon footprint.



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