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Elevate guestroom amenities to meet modern expectations

Tik Tok and Social Media significantly influences guests' desires so it's more important than ever to craft distinctive & exceptional accommodation experiences

To meet the high expectations of modern guests is a challenging task. In today’s digital age, where social media and Tik Tok ‘influencers’ have a significant say in shaping guests’ desires, the importance of crafting a distinctive and exceptional experience cannot be emphasised enough.

Indeed, contemporary travellers seek comfort, luxury, and eco-responsibility from their accommodation offerings, but they also yearn for a sensory adventure and a visually captivating one to share online. In an era where every detail within your establishment is a potential story to be told… and shared, you certainly don’t want that story to be a tragic one!

This article was originally published in the latest AccomNews print magazine HERE

Fortunately, the path to offering one-of-a-kind story opportunities in your guestrooms doesn’t always require costly renovations or additional facilities. Instead, a well-considered selection of guestroom amenities can leave the desired impression.

Ponder the arrival experience. Envision yourself stepping into a guestroom after a long journey, possibly after a stressful flight. What immediately comes to mind?

For many, it’s the simple pleasures that truly make a difference.

For instance, indulging in a revitalising shower with a zesty-scented body wash or soaking in a soothing bubble bath. After pampering with beautifully fragrant lotions, cocoon yourself in a velvety soft robe and slip into plush, downy slippers. Moments of pure relaxation and indulgence.

To round off this experience, unwind with a cup of fruity tea or invigorate yourself with a freshly brewed coffee. Perhaps, you’ll discover a delightful surprise – a selection of delectable chocolates alongside a thoughtful welcome note.

These are the moments that not only offer comfort but are also worth sharing, setting the stage for a memorable stay.

Successfully creating these special moments hinges on carefully selected amenities.

When it comes to what guests’ value most, Mr. Eshuys, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Weatherdon said: “Products with unique fragrance, texture, and skin-reviving qualities” are highly popular.

Image courtesy of Weatherdon

“These products transport guests to a world of luxury and serenity, ensuring they feel rejuvenated and pampered throughout their stay.

 “Convenience is also paramount, it’s important to provide essential items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion to ensure a hassle-free experience”.

The impact of thoughtful touches

Added touches that anticipate guests’ needs are the ones that impress the most. The array and quality of amenities offered can elevate the experience to the next level.

Peter Weingartner, Principal of Swisstrade, emphasised the choice of amenities has a “direct impact on overall guest experience, satisfaction, and whether guests will return or recommend your property”.

He said: “Modern travellers want to be wowed and surprised by little details; in an age where social media is so prevalent, guests love storytelling opportunities and products that are Instagrammable, memorable, and considered, such as environmentally friendly products that do good for tomorrow.”

Sustainability matters

Environmental awareness continues to be a key trend said Mr Eshuys. “By using recyclable materials and lowering their dependency on single-use plastics, operators are actively embracing ecologically friendly practices.

“A growing emphasis is also being placed on adopting energy-efficient technologies, minimising packaging, getting goods locally, and using organic products,” he said.

Mr. Weingartner echoed this and noted the “switch toward more sustainable products such as plastic-free slippers and bathroom accessories, larger bathroom dispensers that are hygienic and safe, and a selection of tea and coffee brands that are B-Corp certified”.

Additional wow factors

Apart from essentials, the items that can truly wow your guests according to Mr. Weingartner are “appliances such as garment steamers and hair straighteners”. These are becoming increasingly popular as “guests look to enjoy an elevated experience of what they have at home”.

It is essential for operators to offer more than what guests are accustomed to using at home but remember to keep sustainability as the focus.

And to up the ante, Mr Weingartner said: “Consider in-room and Instagrammable experiences, such as cocktail stations or unexpected amenities like room mists or face masks.”

Hair dryers and stylers

Hair dryers have always played a crucial role in enhancing the overall guest experience but to exceed expectations, consider offering hair styling tools such as hair straighteners and styling products.

Robes and slippers

These are classic guestroom amenities that certainly can enhance a sense of luxury and comfort. But consider going beyond functionality and provide a feeling of indulgence and relaxation with quality garments that ensure guests feel pampered. To align with sustainability trends, consider robes made from recycled materials or organic cotton.

Image courtesy of SWISSTRADE, credit: StevenWoodburn

Tea and coffee

The essential offering of tea and coffee facilities provides a comforting and convenient touch, giving some thought to the size, style, and energy efficiency of your kettles and coffee makers.

For operators looking to reduce energy consumption, consider in-room hot water dispensers.

Mr Weingartner said the latest in-room hot water dispensers can “reduce energy usage and plastic waste and allow guests to enjoy a hot cup of tea in seconds”.

Given Australia’s reputation as a country of self-confessed ‘coffee snobs’, ensure you are providing guests with high-quality coffee to enjoy in-room. For extra brownie points, look locally for suppliers of tea and coffee that can help your accommodation speak to the local region.

On a final note, Mr Weingartner said the key is to remember, “amenities are what make a guestroom a home and the little touchpoints can take an expected and standard accommodation experience to a memorable and unforgettable one”.

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