Friday, September 22, 2017


Where you bin?

A strategically placed hotel-room bin will inspire good guest behaviour, minimise waste and save money. But which bin and where to place it? Hotels are as individual as their guests, which is why there are over 20 different bin styles.  From pedal bins, to waste-paper bins, wire mesh, plastic, stainless steel and coated finishes. Size is always an issue – …

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A trend that makes perfect business sense

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Let’s be honest – guests love amenities! A recent survey found that 86 per cent of travellers like to pocket them: the mini oatmeal soaps, the single-use shampoos, the lavender scented body wash… You name it, your customers want it.

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The revolution: what you need to know

Coin Op Laundry

Who needs to wash clothes? The answer is everyone! Washing clothes is as necessary as food and shelter and therefore coin-operated laundries are a perfect example of an unexplored opportunity for passive income generation within the accommodation industry.

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The cream of the crop

Hospitality Vacuums

Spotless floors are a no brainer when it comes to the hospitality industry and there’s no better way to ensure clean carpets than by investing in the best quality vacuums possible.

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Down To The Basics

AN51-2-HK-Green Cleaning

When it comes to green cleaning it’s really just a set of simple choices – adopting habits and using products that are going to have a positive impact on the environment.

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