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About the Preferred Supplier Programme

What is The Preferred Supplier Programme?

The Preferred Supplier Programme is coordinated on behalf of the Accommodation Industry.

The Preferred Supplier Programme was launched 15 years ago in Australia as a platform to give the accommodation industry a source of reliable, proven suppliers. The programme has recently been expanded into New Zealand so the industry can share the benefits of this worthwhile industry facility.

Responding to this commonly identified need to provide access to proven and recommended suppliers (for just about every service or product a property would need, the Preferred Supplier Programme was born.)

A unique supplier source- double-checked!

In the accommodation industry the Preferred Supplier Programme was, and is unique. Suppliers cannot simply pay to be included. Inclusion in the Programme is conditional on the receipt of an industry recommendation and qualification. Not everyone is welcome, only those suppliers who have been recommended by owners and managers in the industry as having provided top performance, fair pricing, sound work or products and overall total satisfaction.

Once a recommendation is received, the supplier is put through a secondary qualification process to ensure they can deliver the highest levels of service, guaranteeing they are committed to developing improved products and services for the industry. Only after satisfying these criteria will they be given the option to be included in the Preferred Supplier Programme.

This process is repeated every 12 months, so Managers and Industry Professionals can be confident in the service Preferred Suppliers will provide.

Benefits across the industry

The Preferred Supplier Programme benefits the Accommodation Industry as a whole. As with any industry, the Accommodation Industry is susceptible to unscrupulous and unprofessional suppliers. The Programme helps to weed them out by supporting those who always do a good job.

We encourage all industry professionals and suppliers to support and utilise this worthwhile industry programme.

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