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Nominate a supplier

Nominate your best suppliers for the Preferred Supplier Programme

We hope everything is going well and that you are having a great year.

As you would appreciate, word of mouth recommendations from other industry professional for suppliers of goods and services are invaluable, particularly to those who are new to the industry. To allow all managers access to the benefits of these word of mouth referrals, we are coordinating a database of recommended suppliers to the industry.

Each supplier is nominated by a manager within an accommodation property. Then the nominated supplier is qualified through a secondary questionnaire process to ensure that they are able to provide the high levels of service required and expected by other industry managers. Suppliers on this database can then be conveniently located in the Preferred Supplier Directories and our central enquiry number.

We would appreciate it if you could help us continue to develop the programme (and reward your top suppliers for their hard work) by taking just a couple of minutes to look at the attached Preferred Supplier Nomination Form and provide contact details of all suppliers whom you would be prepared to recommend to other managers.

We all know the best referral is from another manager, so help us make this database as comprehensive as possible.

By promoting businesses that are dedicated to the industry, we encourage other suppliers to improve their products and services so that they too can achieve this status. It is a win-win for all industry professionals. Recognition of the commitment businesses have to the Accommodation Industry will only assist the overall improvement of products and services necessary for the day to day operation of your business.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to receiving your supplier nomination. Thank you for your valued support of the Accommodation Industry Preferred Supplier Programme.

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