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accomnews is the leading industry portal providing all of the critical information needed by Accommodation Industry Management, Suppliers and Professionals.

Since the launch in 2009, accomnews has grown from 3,200 unique visitors per month to over 8,100 per month, and we just keep growing!

In addition to the website we have over 12,600 subscribers to our twice-weekly accomnews e-newsletter. The largest industry wide distribution in Australia of any print or digital media.

There is no comparable digital communication medium that provides
you with such a cost effective medium to communicate with the
Australian Accommodation industry.
Target your company’s products and services to accommodation
industry professionals who buy in multiples. The commercial
rewards using our digital strategy are exponential.
Statistics (Average Oct 11 – Nov 11)

Website (monthly):
Unique Visitors 8,186
Page Views 342,375
Site Hits 1,507,729

Newsletter (weekly):
Properties 10,951
Professionals/Suppliers 1,659
Total 12,610

Greg Robins
Digital Marketing Specialist

Multimedia Pty Ltd | Resort Publishing
Phone: +61 (07) 5440 5322
Direct : +61 (07) 5313 8556
Fax: +61 (07) 5440 5323

Email: [email protected]
Skype ID: gr_multimedia

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