Pitney Bowes Introduces New Visitor Management Solutions

Pitney Bowes Australia today announced the introduction of pbLobbyTrac, a new suite of visitor management solutions designed to meet the diverse security needs of public and private organisations.

This innovative suite of visitor management solutions is delivered through the company’s Solutions Factory, a dedicated team of developers leveraging Pitney Bowes’ patented technologies and third parties’ to customise solutions for the specific needs of local clients under the growth markets region.

Organisations are constantly faced with the challenge of ensuring unauthorised personnel do not enter their facility, while at the same time providing access to those who have a valid reason for entering the premises. The situation is further exacerbated by the need to provide selective access to visitors such as contractors and business partners who need some level of accessibility to the facility on an ad hoc basis.

pbLobbyTracoffers customised solutions that streamline the process of visitor management and empower organisations to control access to their facilities. Visitor information is accurately and quickly captured for easy tracking while maintaining confidentiality, reducing the risks of security breaches.

“Managing the access of authorised personnel into a facility continues to be a major concern for companies worldwide. pbLobbyTrac is customised to meet the needs of various types of organisations, such as government agencies, hotels, hospitals, corporations and schools. With pbLobbyTrac, these entities will be able to quickly and effectively leverage tried and tested solutions tailored for their needs to monitor and track visitor activity, enhancing overall security as well as their corporate image,” said Michelle Sheehan, marketing director, Pitney Bowes Australia.

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